Video: Ghost or Bug?

Security Camera Ghost

On May 9, 2016, we set up home security cameras at a house that was reporting paranormal occurrences. The security cameras record based on motion.  So, if motion takes places in front of the camera, the video records a few seconds before the motion and 2 minutes after the motion. Because the motion was activated the security cameras twice, we decided to put both video clips into one video.

What do you think this is?  Do you believe this is a ghost or spirit or a bug or animal?  The video was captured at 2:37 am – 2:41 am. Please feel free to leave your comments below.  We love to hear what you think it is that was captured.

The video shows something at about the first 30 seconds and then again at a little past 2 minutes.

We are not saying that this is a ghost or spirit.  It may be just a bug.  What is peculiar is that it pops in above on the right a few times after flying by at the beginning.



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