Top 5 Ghost Videos Compiled

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Ghosts Caught on Tape

Here are the Top 5 scariest ghost videos captured on camera. I’ve scoured the internet looking for evidence of ghosts others have captured.

  • Gettysburg Pennsylvania has been labeled as one of the most haunted areas in the United States. Tens of thousands of Confederate and Union Soldiers were killed in various battles in Pennsylvania. It is here that what’s believed the most compelling piece of ghosts captured on film. Is this a fallen Civil War Soldier who refuses to cross-on? What do you think is the white misty figure walking around the tree lines? Is it an illusion, reflection, or something else? Please leave your comments below.
  • The Saint Augustine Lighthouse in Florida is popular for paranormal teams to investigate and capture amazing footage.  The Saint Augustine Lighthouse was built in 1874.  The popular Ghost Hunters went to this location in 2006 for an investigation. The Saint Augustine Lighthouse is believed to be the most haunted lighthouse in the world. Visitors and workers alike both report incredible paranormal activities transpiring at this location. People have reported seeing 2 little girls standing on the lighthouse belonging to the former superintendent.  Both girls drowned in the ocean during the construction of the lighthouse. The Ghost Hunters crew positioned a camera pointed at the spiral stairway. What they captured is remarkable and creepy.  Is this the disembodied spirit of a former resident?  What are your thoughts?  The video clearly shows some type of figure at the top of the stairs.  Please leave your comment below.
  • The hospital ghost in the video above shows a white figure leaning over a patient in a hospital. Some people believe it is the ghost of a family member visiting their relative in the hospital. What are your thoughts?
  • Considered to be one of the most haunted places in America the Eastern State Penitentiary really is a remarkable place which has so much history surrounding it. The Eastern State Penitentiary was built in 1829 and has over 100 years of suicides, madness, disease, and other deaths within it’s walls. You can see where the Eastern State Penitentiary has a reputation for itself.  Torture was a commonplace where inmates suffered deeply in some of the most brutal barbaric tortures known to man. Torture such as the eye and gag was another method used in which an inmate’s hands were tied behind their back and strapped to an iron collar.  Any movement would cause the tongue to tear and bleed profusely. In 2004, the Ghost Hunters Crew visited and caught amazing video facing down the cell hallway. The figure came at the camera and then bolted back; as if startled.
  • The last ghost filmed in the aforementioned video was allegedly filmed in a 16th century historic mansion. The video footage was recorded by the narrator of the video.  He claims the footage was recorded on his cell phone.  You will see a shadow walking down the stairs.  The shadow is on the ground; but, there is no person to case the shadow. The video then flips around and around on the phone. While recording paranormal activity; I myself have had electronic equipment malfunction in a similar manner.  However, I never had the video flip.  The cameras would always shut off and turn on by themselves on my devices. This is no way defenitive proof that ghosts were present during this filming.  Also, the footage is hard to believe.  Yet, it leave your immagination wondering “what if this ghost footage is real”?
Top 5 Ghost Videos
Top 5 Ghost Videos

Here are the Top 5 scariest ghost videos captured on camera. I’ve scoured the internet looking for evidence of ghosts others have captured.

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