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Let the Paranormal Activity Begin:

I was 14 years old and my best friend, Hannah was just about to move to a different house. They were moving out to the country so that they could have more space, and both I and my friend were sad at the thought of no longer living close to one another, but we promised we would visit each other and keep in touch.

On the day of the move I helped them pack stuff up into the removal van, it was very usual for me to be around as at this point myself and Hannah were inseparable and she was excited to show me her new house. It was this day that the strange paranormal things I am going to tell you about started to happen.

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Hannah’s Dad, Mr. Brown allowed us to ride in the back of the removal van as we made our way out to their farmhouse, her mom, and two brothers were following in behind in their car. We pulled up and Hannah took me around excitedly, first showing me the barn and the outside of the house but before we went inside, Hannah’s Dad called us over to help with boxes. So we made our way back across the front yard toward the van, where we could see Mr. Brown unloading boxes and her 6-year-old brother, Tom was standing in the open removal van looking toward the boxes that were still at the back of the van. Hannah and I were chatting and taking our time to make our way across the yard but our attention was diverted by a crash sound before a cry from Tom followed. Tom was no longer in the removal van but on the ground. He must have fallen, I thought. We rushed over to him as he was being helped up by his dad, still crying. “Someone chucked me out of the van, dad,” Tom said between sobs.

“No, son you just fell, you’ll be ok.” His dad reassured.

“I mean it, I didn’t fall out, I was pushed. I’m not lying! I know it was something paranormal!”

His dad jumped up into the van to check if Hannah’s other brother, David was hiding amongst the boxes, but there was no one there. Tom was adamant that someone pushed him out of the van. He wouldn’t stop talking about it and he desperately wanted everyone to believe him. At the time, we thought he was either using his imagination or telling white lies and thought nothing much of it.

Later that day, the paranormal incident at the van had long been forgotten and all boxes had been removed from the van and into the house. Hannah and I had gone to explore the bordering woodland and were making our way back up towards the house. We could see her dad and two brothers out front, but something caught our attention from a window on the second floor of the farmhouse. It was someone waving out the window, it was a slow rhythmic wave, almost like an upside down pendulum motion. The figure was sort of dark but we assumed it was Hannah’s mom, who wasn’t with the rest of her family out front, and we both waved frantically back at her as we crossed the field.

“Who were you waving at?” asked Mr. Brown, with an intrigued look on his face.

“Duh! Mom, obviously! She was up a the window,” explained Hannah a little impatiently.

“Duh, Hannah, your mom is in the car.” He threw back in a sarcastic, amused tone. Hannah and I looked at each other, confused. Everyone was accounted for but someone was waving to us from that top window, we were sure of it and we had both seen it. Hannah got freaked out, insisting there was someone in the house, and with me backing her up her dad said he would take a look. He was probably just trying to appease us but he took a look around the house and came back out with confirmation that no one was there and we must have been seeing things. We knew we weren’t seeing things, and we even went back to the field to look at the window again but the figure that was waving to us was no longer there.

I stayed over that first night with Hannah, and besides staying up chatting, as girls do, we actually slept quite well, until the morning when we were woken by a loud tapping sound coming from the window. Hannah went to investigate, pulled back her curtain and there sat a crow, tapping on the window with its beak. It began to caw loudly, which startled us both. I chucked a pillow at the window to scare it away but it sat there cawing repeatedly, unfazed. We closed the curtains and it began tapping again until we left the room.


Over the next few weeks, the whole family continued to experience different strange things. These events were paranormal in nature. Tom was constantly complaining of being nipped, even when no one was in the room. The crow seemed to follow Hannah around, and their mom would find drawers open, things moved and would hear strange noises, as would David. By week four the whole family, except for Mr. Brown, was pretty convinced there was more going on in that house than what they could see. Mr Brown either refused to admit to any of the strange happenings or he really hadn’t witnessed any, as he maintained to his family that there was nothing going on.

These next events I did not witness but was told later by Hannah and her family. Tom and David, Hannah’s two brothers, had taken to sleeping in the same room together due to the things that had been happening around the house, and one night the whole house was woken up by Tom screaming, a blood-curdling scream. David cried out to his mom and dad too and they both ran into the room as fast as they could. Tom was sitting in his bed crying uncontrollably as David watched from the side. “What’s wrong, what’s wrong?” their mom asked him, rushing to him on the bed. It took him a while to get a breath to speak because he was too upset. The first thing he said was, “I don’t want to live here anymore, mom, we shouldn’t be here.”

Tom described the paranormal events of the night to them all. He said that an old man had come into the room, he couldn’t make out his features but he had seen him before around the farm and didn’t tell anyone. He said the man spoke to him for the first time that night and told him that he was very,  very angry. He said the old man grabbed his feet and scratched them with his nails, he said it felt like daggers. When he screamed the figure disappeared. Of course, their mom did check his feet and much to their disbelief, there was scratch marks on them both. When I heard this, I instantly thought back to that first day, the waving dark paranormal figure from the window above

Mr. and Mrs. Brown decided to take the kids right away, they didn’t know what to think but there was no way that anyone would settle that night. So they went and stayed with their grandparents for a few nights. While there, Hannah’s aunt suggested that the family take a holy candle and light it in the house, as a way of blessing the property and inviting good spirits. They weren’t sure if they believed that sort of thing but they decided to do it anyway, even if it only made the kids feel better about returning to the home.

That night Mr. Brown went out to the house with a holy candle he had gotten from the priest that day, he decided he would light it and stay there that night on his own. It was a usual church pillar candle, so he set it on a plate, lit it in the middle of the kitchen bench and went to bed. He woke up the next morning with nothing unusual, went down to visit the candle and could see that it had gone out on its own, which is what he was told he should allow to happen.

He took off for work and reported back to Mrs. Brown that all was well and went on about his day. Later on, around 4pm, just before he was getting ready to go home, he got a phone call to tell him that there had been an incident at the house. He rushed to the farm to find the house burnt to the ground. Everyone assumed that he had left the candle lit and that it had been a horrible accident, but he swore blind that he made sure that candle was out before he left.

The family was devastated, all their belongings gone, their house, everything. The only savings grace was that no one got hurt. Mr. and Mrs. Brown were later exploring the ruins and took themselves into where the kitchen would have been. There amongst the charcoaled rubble was the remains of the candle, completely unscathed. There was no explaining how a wax candle survived a blaze that destroyed an entire home, and it is still unexplained to this day. No one really took the Brown’s story seriously, and they have since moved on, but this very normal family experienced something extraordinary, something paranormal.



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The Brown's Farm House
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The Brown's Farm House
On the day of the move I helped them pack stuff up into the removal van, it was very usual for me to be around as at this point myself and Hannah were inseparable and she was excited to show me her new house. It was this day that the strange things I am going to tell you about started to happen.
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