Paranormal Occurrences: Spirits In Our House

The weird paranormal occurrences started long before I was born.

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My mother would often tell me stories about the ‘strange paranormal behaviour’ that surrounded my older brother. He was around 3 years old when it first started and told her he had an “imaginary friend.” Like most mum’s, she thought it was adorable. At least that was until his friend started seeming not so imaginary. She would hear my brother having in-depth conversations, as though he was answering someone, and sometimes she swore she saw a shadow follow him as he walked around the house.

It started to worry her, so she asked some questions.

And my brother gave vague answers, before telling her about this French song that his ‘ghost friend’ had taught him.

My mum was mortified. Her 3-year-old son was learning French, among other things, and he had no other way of learning this stuff. We came from a low-income household that meant no paid TV and restricted shows.

Even when he would watch TV, she was always with him to monitor the content, so she had no idea how he had learned this song.

The only conclusion she could come to was that he did, indeed, have a ghost friend; a paranormal spirit. And though it kind of spooked her out, the ghost friend seemed innocent enough and didn’t teach him anything too mature for his age.

Blue Ghost


When I was born and my brother started school, his ‘ghost friend’ vanished and he started to make some real friends. Though my brother missed his first ‘ghost friend,’ he remembered his friend by dressing up as a ghost on Halloween.

As my brother grew older, he started to lose that special six-sense, but mum noticed that I was equally intuitive. I would often tell her that I saw things as a child, though my memory is vague from this time.

Even stranger, I used to sing the same French song. It’s possible my brother taught it to me at a young age, but maybe…maybe reincarnation was real and I was his ghost friend? It always lingered in my mind. My mother said I was an old soul, and as I grew older, the strange occurrences grew weirder.

I remember one vivid paranomral ghost encounter when I was around 6 years old. I was in my kitchen and the room was dark, because I was about to go to bed. As I turned to leave the room, I felt something tap my shoulder, but as I turned around, nothing was there. Being a kid, I panicked and started crying but my mum told me it was okay…that spirits couldn’t hurt me.

My mother told me vast tales about her own paranormal experiences. She told me about an old, Indian-looking spirit she and my dad saw when they first moved into the house. She said he used to act as a “watcher” and stand in the hallway, just staring, but never once dared to enter the bedrooms.

Another time, she said she used to notice a little boy—but he scared her. She said he used to dash around the house, as though he was panicked, and that she sometimes had nightmares about him. That he was trapped by a hitch-hiker—an evil, lingering paranormal spirit.


When I was 11, my father passed away and both spirits left the house.

It was just my mum, brother, and me.

I tried numerous times to see my dad, but I couldn’t manage it. I did hear footsteps though, when I was in the next room, and sometimes I would see a shadowed figure walk by.

When my dad was alive, he used to drink coffee at 3am.

Every night.

And sometimes, the kettle still goes off. We even tried buying a new kettle. This one doesn’t steam like the old one did, or actually, come to boil, but every now and again it clicks—as though someone is using it, perhaps in another dimension.

My next paranormal experience happened when I was around 18.

I sometimes used to stay at my step dad’s house. Mum swore blind that it was “haunted,” but I didn’t ever really see anything. She claimed that she saw a little girl there, with piggy tail plaits that would walk down the stairs. That wasn’t weird, until her partner showed her a picture of his deceased sister, who looked exactly the same as the little girl mum often saw.

Though I never saw anything, I always felt like someone was “watching me” there. One night, while I was at my step dad’s house, I got up to go down to the bathroom. It was an old place and the bathroom was downstairs, down the hall, near the back door. There was a certain stillness about this place—something quiet and eerie. I continued into the bathroom and, as I opened the door, I heard a gasp. Figuring that I had accidentally walked in on someone, I quickly shut the door and said, “Sorry!” Then…I remembered that everyone was upstairs, asleep.

My heart sunk as I opened the bathroom and turned on the light.

No one was there.

Another time, my boyfriend and I were house sitting at my step dad’s alone. I had warned him that mum had seen paranormal spirits around the house, but he didn’t really believe in all that stuff. At least, he didn’t back then. That night, something changed. We were in the downstairs kitchen, which was kind of a “hot spot” for paranormal activity. I always felt weird being in the kitchen, so I tried to avoid it, but I needed to get some food from the garage—which was next to the kitchen, so my partner waited near the dining table as I retrieved some items from the garage. I had only been gone a few moments, and when I returned, he was crying. He never cried. So I was really confused.

“What happened?” I asked him.

“I saw something,” he said, not looking at me. “It moved through me and it was cold.”

All night, he was acting weird…not like he was possessed, but like whatever this spirit showed him, it affected him deeply. He also refused to talk about it.


My mum had always told me not to fear ghosts or paranormal activity—that they fed from it. So I did my best not to, but sometimes it was hard. Like when I would go to my friend’s apartment. She was very spiritual and warned me upon entry that people sometimes experienced weird things at her house, but she didn’t need to warn me. Instantly, I felt it. I felt that weird…skin crawling sensation. Something bad had happened in this place and whatever it was, whoever was trapped here, wasn’t happy. And they were also very protective of my friend.

The paranormal ghost would often yell at her boyfriend and he said that he felt uncomfortable all the time. The yelling sounded distorted and it was like, screaming, but unclear as to what was being said. And though I had this constant feeling of being watched, I didn’t feel endangered like he did. Just unwanted.

One night, she needed me to house sit for an hour and I reluctantly agreed.

“It’s just one hour,” she said. “You have my number, so if anything goes wrong, you can call.”

I felt okay, until she left, and I was there alone.

I had heard the stories about this ghost, from numerous people that stayed at her apartment, but never had I experienced anything paranormal first-hand.

It happened about five minutes after she left.

I was sitting on the couch, watching TV, when I heard the screaming….
It was distant and muffled, but as though someone was yelling at the top of their lungs…as though they were in pain, and somehow right next to me, but very far away at the same time—it’s hard to explain, but I instantly looked over my shoulder and froze. No one was there. And I knew no one was there.

It didn’t sound like they wanted me to go, but instead, like maybe, they wanted to be heard. So I spoke, out loud, and said that I could hear them.

And then it stopped.

No one bothered me for the rest of the night. The house was still, silent, and when my friend got back, I told her the paranormal story.


My next paranormal experience had me in a depression for about a week. I was in my mum’s room by myself, getting ready for bed, when I felt that eerie sensation of being watched and heard a man call my name. I spun around, confused and startled, mostly because … I knew the voice.

It took me a few moments to recognise it.

But it sounded like my mum’s friend. Well, he was more like family, but not actually blood-related. She called him her brother. I thought I was going crazy, just hearing things, until I saw …. Flashes in my mind. And still to this day, I can’t quite explain it. But I felt like the spirit was trying to communicate with me. In the flashes, I was my mother, and going to his apartment.

Only it was empty.

No one was there…

And I knew instantly what it meant.

My heart dropped.

Though we considered him family, we sometimes went months without talking to him, due to our busy lives. And this had been one of those occasions. Instantly, I called my mum and told her that she needed to check in on him. I warned her, that …. I thought he was dead and communicating with me, but I didn’t think it would actually be true.

Then it was.

She went to his apartment, like in my vision, and saw it empty.

She later found out that he had died a few weeks ago.

I felt his presence for about a week longer, before he left. Though he didn’t say anything, I knew that all he wanted was for mum to know he had passed. And once she did and had come to terms with it, he seemed at peace.


My final experience is the hardest to talk about. It happened in July 2015, a few months after my mum unexpectedly passed away. Losing her was, and still is, the hardest thing I have ever experienced. But I knew she wasn’t gone. She had raised me to have faith. So I waited patiently for her to make contact.

Much like my father, I never saw her directly, but I could feel her.

So I waited and remembered her memories fondly, like how she would tell me her own ghost stories and how she had some weird OCDs, like, locking up all the windows.

It was strange. But even stranger one night when we heard a tapping on the window…

At first, I thought it was my partner. So I yelled out from the next room, “Would you quit it already?”

But the sound continued.

Tap, tap tap, tap, tap, tap tap tap…

It was like Morse Code.

Angrily, I rose and stormed into the next room, where he was. He removed his headphones and looked up at me, confused.

I glared at him. “Babe, can you please stop tapping?” I said.

He shrugged and shook his head. “I’m not,” he replied.

Then, together, we heard it.

Tap, tap tap, tap, tap, tap tap tap…

We dismissed it as my cat, at first, but soon found him asleep and nestled into a safe little ball as he slept contently.

Tap, tap tap, tap, tap, tap tap tap…
It became a scavenger hunt as we followed this noise around the house.

Tap, tap tap, tap, tap, tap tap tap…

Eventually, we came to my mother’s bedroom, where she died.

Tap, tap tap, tap, tap, tap tap tap…

We stilled and stared at each other. The sound was definitely coming from her bedroom. I hated going in there, but slowly, creaked the door open. Her room had become a storage room, and boxes lay sprawled and piled up across the carpeted door.

Tap, tap tap, tap, tap, tap tap tap…
Slowly, our gazes fell upon the window. It was open. And it sounded like someone was knocking on it. My partner looked at me for a moment, before he pulled the window shut and the sound stopped. He tried to make excuses, like, “Maybe it was a tree?” But I knew we had no trees near that window, just as he did. “It was probably the wind,” he said, but the night was still and quiet.

We stood there for a moment, unsure of what to do or say.

And in the back of my mind, I heard her nagging in that way she sometimes did, because of her OCD. “Shut the damn window,” she’d have told me. “Anyone could break in.” A smile crept over my face and though I couldn’t see her, the memory of her was strong and I not only knew that she was with me, but that everything she taught me was true.

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