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The Ghost from Nittambuwa Sri Lanka

Ruwan didn’t realize going on the stretch of the Kandy Road during midnight was going to be the death of him. It was one of the busiest roads in the country but it still has only a few passing by vehicles at night. He had to do overtime to complete his work sheet before the weekend, so he stayed until he finished his work and now traveling from Colombo to Nittambuwa in the dark night made him feel a bit restless. The sooner I reach home, the better for everyone, he thought while keeping his focus on the road.

The sky was gloomy overhead, with no stars and a hiding moon. The moonlight along with the street lights and headlights of occasional vehicles added an eerie yellow glow onto the main road. That was why he felt a shiver when he saw her, he told himself.

A woman was standing alone in the bus stand, hugging herself against the harsh coldness of the climate. Ruwan knew that there were no buses that travel towards the side she was waiting. If she was an everyday commute she would have known it, but if not why is she out in the dark at this time of the night. Not knowing the answer and because he couldn’t leave a woman in danger, Ruwan turned his motorcycle into the adjacent road and drove in her direction.

Noticing a man coming in her direction, the woman looked like she wanted to run away, scared like a rabbit. Ruwan stopped a few meters away from him and removed his helmet before a flashing a smile, hoping it won’t scare her.

“Miss, I don’t think there will be any bus anytime.” He said louder, so she could hear him. She raised her head straighter and turned to look at the road behind her, waiting for the bus to show up and then when she realized what he said was true, she turned to him and offered a tiny smile.

Starting his bike, he drove it near her. This time, she didn’t look like she wanted to run. The pale sari she had worn colored a warm yellow glow when the bike headlights hit her stomach. Ruwan’s gaze involuntarily fixed on her flawless, flat stomach. Cursing himself, he quickly turned his face away to see the beautiful lady in front of him. She smiled at him like she knew something he didn’t know but the smile glowed and brightened her face to allow any doubt of what was to come into Ruwan’s mind.

“Where do you want to go, miss?” Ruwan asked politely.

She gave him the direction that was off road his way but he didn’t want to leave a woman alone at this time when he didn’t feel safe either. Arranging her sari, she stepped into the stand-off and got on to the bike and kept on her hands on his shoulder. Again a chill ran through his spine, making him shiver. Ruwan looked up to see the clouds gathering for another rainfall and not wanting to waste more time in the cold, wet weather he took off.

Ruwan prevented him from talking to her, or something prevented him from talking to her. A gut feeling or his mind, maybe because a woman wouldn’t feel safe to talk to a stranger. All of sudden, a cold wind followed by the rain chased them and started dripping both of them with water. Ruwan stopped his bike and removed his overcoat to give it to the shivering woman behind him. Her smile didn’t warm him this time, it instead made him feel uncomfortable. Riding again without a word, he kept glancing at the woman through the mirror to see her still smiling.

 Sri Lanka Ghost

In a hurry to drop her quickly and go home to his warm bed, Ruwan travelled fast with little incidents and lots of directions from her. A house with a large wall and metal gates at the end of a private road was her stop. In a hurry to leave her, he went home forgetting his coat.

The next day, he went through the same direction to check whether the girl reached home and to get his overcoat back. He couldn’t wait to see her going inside last night, because of the overwhelming feeling of evilness that sprung in his mind at that time.

Seeing the house in the daylight made him feel better and safe. The metal door was unlocked so he went through it to the big door of the house along a well-tended driveway. Knocking on the door, he waited while looking around the garden.

Everything was clean and neat in the large garden that was filled with trees and garden chairs. In the distance, he could see a number of tombstones. Even though they gave him a chill, he didn’t talk much notice of it. It was common in the country; the people of old money had their own graveyards because they didn’t want to bury their loved ones with common people.

An elderly woman opened the door and looked at him confusedly. “Hello, son!” She greeted in a very lady manner. Giving his greetings, he asked the woman about the girl whom he dropped in his bike. The woman looked confused for a moment and then as if she realized something all of a sudden, she took his hand and dragged him into the garden. Confused and uncomfortable, Ruwan walked towards the tombstones. In the light, he could see nearly eleven tombstones filled in the green meadow. One, in particular, looked different and disturbed him. Something covered the tombstone, hiding the details of the deceased one. The woman took him right near it, and took off the covering which he saw was his coat. On the tombstone was an innocent looking picture of the girl he dropped the night before. One look at the details, Ruwan dropped on the spot.

It was later discovered that there was a bite mark of her hand on his shoulder. A Mohini is a woman who died because of a man and who comes to seek revenge on the whole male gender. All she needs is a little proof that he can do the same mistake that killed her in the first place if he wants to. That girl has died late night when she was coming from work. It is still said that she can be seen in the same exact place at a particular time.


I’m from Nittambuwa. This man was just a few houses away and the hand mark on his shoulder crept me out even though I was a girl.

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