Most Haunted Places in California

What are the Most Haunted Places in California?

When we think of California, we think of Hollywood, celebrities, beaches, valleys, and mountains.  Did you ever stop and think that California contains some of the most haunted places on Earth?

Top Most Haunted Places in California:

The RMS Queen Mary:

Dating back to the early 1930’s, the RMS Queen Mary set sail in the country of Scotland. The Queen Mary made over 1,000 journeys across the Atlantic Ocean as a cruise liner and troop transport during World War 2. Hundreds of thousands of people have been aboard the Queen Mary prior to her last voyage in 1967!  The Queen Mary retired in Long Beach, California; where she has been permanently docked.  Today, the Queen Mary functions as a Hotel. Guests come aboard for various functions such as weddings, funerals, business meetings, and pure relaxation.  However, numerous guests have claimed they have seen some of the prior guests including spirits of those that lost their lives onboard the RMS Queen Mary.  There have been at least 50 deaths on board the ship.  Perhaps, many more.  One of the more gruesome deaths occurred when an extremely heavy door crashed and killed two crew members.  This door is known as Door 13.

In another area of the Queen Mary known as the Queen’s Salon, numerous guests have reported a woman wearing all white. She wears a rich white outfit and moves alone. Her character and story are a puzzle. Nobody can make out who she is or where she came from.

Beaches, sunshine, celebrities: California’s known for many things, so why not ghosts? Let’s take a look at five of the most haunted places in California. The Queen Mary The RMS Queen Mary first set sail in 1936 from Scotland. During her first life, the ship made more than 1,000 transatlantic crossings as both luxury liner and troop transport during World War II. In 1967, the Queen Mary made her final voyage to Long Beach, California where she would be permanently docked and become a luxury hotel. With such a deep history, it’s no surprise that the Queen Mary is home to more than one ghost story. In her time, the ship has been the site of nearly 50 deaths, some of the unexplained to this day.

Two of the more horrific occurrences aboard the Queen Mary center around the infamous Door 13. This massive door killed two men, crushing them both. To this day, a phantom dressed in overalls is seen near the door. He fades away to nothing near the spot where he lost his life. Elsewhere, in the Queen’s Salon, the famous Lady in White can sometimes be seen.

Actor James Dean Cursed Car

Actor, James Dean, who died in a terrible car accident off State Route 46 in 1955, is said to haunt the Queen Mary.  James Dean recently purchased a new sports car, a fast flying Porsche.  James Dean and his passenger decided to open up the car on a freeway. James hit another vehicle head on, flipped and ended up in a ditch. James was taken to a hospital with severe trauma and expired at the hospital.  The car James Dean died in is reported to have a curse.  After James passed away, his car went on display in a show.  The car was reported to have caught fire for no reason.  Another time, the driver who was transporting James Dean’s car also died. James Dean’s engine and drive train were placed into another race car by car racers.  In the very first race of this vehicle, the driver of the vehicle died tragically in a firestorm of a car crash.  Another vehicle containing some of James Dean’s parts also crashed almost killing that driver.  Pieces of James Dean’s car are still in California and private collections.

Colorado Street Bridge

The Colorado Street Bridge, known inauspiciously Suicide Bridge, is the site of no less than 100 suicides. More than 50 passed on amid the Great Depression alone. Why such a significant number of have picked this place to end their lives is a secret, yet a legend stemming back to the scaffold’s development may hold the appropriate response.

As the extension met up in 1912, a laborer fell, arriving in the still wet bond of one of the backings. For reasons unknown, the man’s kindred specialists couldn’t contact him and he kicked the bucket, choking as he sank. The living who cross the extension report seeing figures strolling along before vanishing. A portion of the nebulous visions even reenact their last minutes, diving over the side of the scaffold, yet vanish before achieving the base.


Alcatraz is maybe the most acclaimed jail on the planet, and it likewise may be the most spooky.

The island, sitting alone in the disrupted waters of the San Francisco Bay, was the subject of one of our prior recordings, however, no rundown of frequented puts in California would be finished without it. Before it turned into a jail, Alcatraz was known and dreaded by the Native American clans of the territory. As the discipline, innate individuals were ousted to the island to be tormented by the detestable spirits said to occupy the fruitless territory. Amid its life as a jail, the place the prisoners dreaded the most was known as The Hole. A dim and solidifying cell, being set in The Hole was held for the most exceedingly awful of the most exceedingly awful. Stories of The Hole being spooky by some beast were notable among the detainees. One story recounts a disastrous inhabitant of The Hole who shouted for a considerable length of time that something was in the cell with him. The man was discovered dead the following day. Professedly, the detainee had been choked by a protect who tired of the shouting. At move call the morning after the man’s demise, there was one additional detainee in the line. The watchmen and prisoners were scared when they perceived the choked detainee remaining there.

In the following minute, he was no more. The phantom stories on the Rock would fill volumes. You will simply need to visit without anyone else and see with your own eyes. The Whaley House In San Diego stands the Whaley House. Called by some the most spooky house in America, the Whaley House was worked by Thomas Whaley in the mid-1800s. Indeed, even before the house was fabricated, however, the land was the site of the hanging of Yankee Jim Robinson. Yankee Jim had been sentenced thousand burglaries and ended up remaining on the back of a wagon with a rope around his neck. Onlookers at the execution, including Thomas Whaley himself, looked as poor Jim was left the back of the wagon and swung for a long while before he kicked the bucket.

Resolute before the finish of Yankee Jim, Thomas bought the land and fabricated the home for him and his family. Very quickly, the sound of overwhelming strides would resound through the lobbies. Relatives were persuaded it was Yankee Jim, as yet sticking around (too bad). Another specter, this one of a young lady, has likewise been seen around the house. Legend has it that the young lady was a mate of the Whaley kids. One day, the young lady didn’t see a low hanging clothesline as she was playing. The line got the young lady around the throat, snapping her neck. Look into the terrace of the Whaley House during the evening, and you very well might see her.

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