Money from Grandpa-pa

My grandfather’s grave is in Crystal MN and he lived his life as a big casino winner on the slot machines in the local casino in and around the state.   He was also known as a good poker player.  He was known as a big gambler type who would never lose.

Now, when I visit my grandfather’s grave every year for Memorial day, I find old coins (quarters, nickels, and pennies) that sits on the grave in the dirt alongside the flat headstone.  The money is always dirty and appears that it has been sitting out in the elements for a long time.  I take the money everyyear and every year there’s more money around the headstone.  My grandmother is right next to his but there isn’t money on her grave.   I was a pallbearer for my grandfather and noticed that his casket was extremely heavy even though my grandfather was a little thin guy.  All the other pallbearers at the funeral thought he took his winnings with him to the grave since we all agreed the casket was heavier than those they’ve experienced in the past as pallbearers.    I believe that the money is being left by my grandfather and those are his winnings and he is giving it back through the ground.  Since I’m the only one that visits his grave, I am the only one that notices these occurrences and believe my grandfather is giving back his money.

Terry Michelson


Terry Michelson

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