Las Vegas Valley Haunting

Haunted Las Vegas

Haunted Las Vegas

This post is specifically for the Paranormal Community.  Enclosed is a typical email we receive several times a week from concerned residents in their homes.  With permission of the home-owner, we are posting this communications to inspire ideas on how to best handle this situation.  In essence, we are asking YOU to offer solutions to this delicate situation.  In other words, if you were the Paranormal Investigator, how would YOU handle this situation? Please leave your response below in the comments section.

For privacy concerns, the home-owner will remain 100% confidential.  This case is taking place right now in the Las Vegas Valley.

Haunted Las Vegas

“Dear GotSpirits,

The situation is quite extensive. There are two adults in the house. My
mother and I and our dog. After moving in the neighbors told us what
happened. We got a police report. The man who lived her committed suicide
by hanging himself on our stair case. This is really sad. Most
unfortunately, the stairs are in the center of the home. The stairs,
master bed room and closet are the main areas of activity, but we have had
experiences throughout the home.

When we moved in we instantly began to have strange feelings and
experiences. It sounded like someone was taking a shower and walking
around upstairs We would begin to hear foot steps on the stairs – someone
walking down them. There would be a large noise.

We called a priest and had the home blessed. We also burned sage because
this is what people said to do. I have called in contractors, plumbers,
roofers and electricians to try and explain this. They found nothing.

The activity actually has become worse. Outsiders, not knowing the history
of the home have reported their experiences. On occasion you can see
floating lights. Some are balls of light. Some are what I would entitle
bars of light. These can be seen with the naked eye. You can see through
them. There is what I would call an outline of a person, but with no actual
facial features, seen on occasion. My leg was touched while lying down. We
have heard someone talk. The dog went crazy. The dog follows things with
his eyes which when we can’t see anything and will act scared.

We are now experiencing things around 4-5 days out of the week. Time does
not matter. It can be 9:30 in the morning or 11:00 in the evening. I
work at home remotely. So we are both home during the day together. We
are currently sleeping in one bed downstairs because it is very very bad
upstairs . We can barely use some of the rooms in our home.

Currently it is getting worse! We hear all sorts of walking, pounding,
water turned on to sinks with the lights in the bathroom when we were not
in the room, lights flicker, although the electrician says nothing was
found, doors have shut, walking continues, light bars and orbs seen,
siloutte seen floating, the alarm clock will go off in the master bed room,
but I don’t sleep there and did not set it X2 . . . etc. It is enough to
make you feel like you are crazy.

I have filmed with my phone cam and came up with some of the interesting
orbs and lights and pounding sounds. On still film there is a heavy
density around the stairs. I also have two videos wherein you can actually
hear voices speak words – “yeah” and “No.” Very clear. This really is
not helping me. I am trying to find out if there is a way to not only
confirm but also put this poor man to rest. We do not plan on staying in
the home. It has freaked us out and is emotionally draining. We do have
to stay here for a bit because we only bought less than a year ago and it
takes money to move.

There is very little by way of assistance regarding paranormal activity. I
hope you can help in some way.”

We are working to help this family and would love to engage the paranormal community creating a virtual paranormal research case for you to be involved in.


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