Kuldhara Village Road Paranormal Experience

paranormal experience in village


by: Jabobi L., Kuldhara Village Road

One midnight, I was on my way back home situated in a less dense village, walking slowly and enjoying the calm weather. I didn’t expect any paranormal experience since it was normal for me to walk around at that time and my routine often demanded me to move back and forth to my house at or around midnight.

As I was walking alone, I saw a girl of about 8 years coming towards me. She seemed like a normal girl at first and asked me, “What are you doing here at this time?”. It felt odd for a kid her age to ask a question like this but I acted normally and responded that I am going back to home.  I asked the same question from her, but she retorted in an odd behavior, not giving the particular answer of my question.

Girl: “Go quickly to your home and never come back at this time.”

I was shocked by this kind of uneven answer and asked her,

“Why? What is your problem?”
I was observing her appearance was changing, her face was turning pale to red. She started looking at me very indignantly. I started shivering

I was observing her appearance was changing, her face was turning pale to red. She started looking at me very indignantly. I started shivering very badly and realized that the girl is not usual (in fact she was paranormal “THE GHOST”). The organs of my body were getting warmer and warmer, and I could feel a chill down my spine. I started moving back, and suddenly, she began to shout at me in strange voice.

Ghost: “Get lost from my sight, who the hell are you to ask me what my problem is. I abhor all those living in my houses “the haunted houses”. I can look at your room right now from here, go to your bed, I am following you. But listen carefully don’t look behind. Just run to your bed.”

After saying these words, she vanished from my sight and I took the way to my house and was able to hear her footsteps voice for few minutes, you can estimate my uneven condition from there to my house. Anyway, when I reached to my house in fact “The HAUNTED HOUSE”, all of my family members were sleeping. I turned to my DAD’s room but heard the same strange and odd voice saying, “go to your bed” I was badly scared and turned towards my bed. Once I laid on my bed, I saw the water was falling from the cooler. Then I felt the ailing hands of the girl on my throat. She scared me all the night by doing these kinds of paranormal activities.

I passed another two weeks like this and then told to my parents about these paranormal experience (s) that we have to leave this haunted house because I want to enjoy my life as all other people are living.

Then we moved to live with our family in the city. Thank God, I am safe and sound now. My home is no more a haunted house. There are no more paranormal experience in my life. Now I am very happy and am enjoying my life.

This is a real story and my real paranormal  experience. -Jabobi L., Kuldhara Village Road


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