Jurain Graveyard Cemetery, Loss of Sister

Jurain Cemetery


It was December 2006, when my sister finished her final exam
in high school and was all set for going to village home. Her
sister name was Angely, she was about 1.75metres tall, always
jolly and very talkative girl.

Our Village home was far away from the city and was
surrounded by big trees. For me, It was inhospitable to live but
for Angely it was a scintillating place where she loves to wander
around. Sometimes I wonder how people in this area grow up.
Actually, It was the cemetery near my room that makes me feel
uncomfortable and talking about it still gives me goosebumps.

The cemetery was huge in diameter and contains anonymous
graves. Angely was very much gregarious. I told my mom many
times to tell Angely not to go near that cemetery at night.
During my first night, I was all alone in my room sleeping as I
was very tired of the journey, suddenly I heard the window

I got up from my bed trembling, glanced at the clock,
it was 3:00 am and hurried to the other room. From that time, I
knew something was definitely wrong with the cemetery.

I know I am not that valiant, but after that night I kept hearing
strange, weird sounds in my room.

It was December 26, when Angely had a high fever at midnight.
She was breathing heavily and was trying to say something, but
was unable to speak. I sat beside her, hold her hand and said,
”Angely…..angely… You will okay….see everyone is here beside
you”. A violent storm was blowing outside and it was raining
ceaselessly. We couldn’t even take her to a doctor. Dad decided
to wait until morning but who would know that it would be her
last day? It was 1:34 am when she breathed her last.

On the next day, we buried her in Jurain cemetery as there
were no others in that town. Only a person who lost someone
dear before will only know the pain of losing his/her sister.The
the sister whom you loved, whom you cared, who made you smile
is , no more.I fall on my knees crying loudly, that horrendous
feeling burning inside my heart that no one can feel.


Jurain Cemetery

It was the first time when I entered in that cemetery, it was
fully covered by forest. The forest looks menacing. My heart
was not letting me leave my beloved sister in that obscure
cemetery. I kept looking through my window. I miss those
debonair days of Angely’s life.

The next early morning, when I went to the grave I was shocked
to find the grave dug up and the corpse missing. We all were
distraught and informed the police. We all were searching for
her. From the sky, If an aircraft had been passing over, would
have seen a huge crowd of people with few police vans. We
searched every corner of the village but the corpse was
nowhere to be found as if it vanished into thin air.

That night when I was sleeping in my room, I heard strange
clanking sound coming out from the window and someone was
saying something in a steely voice. I was very petrified, a droplet
of sweat in my forehead, my knees were trembling with fear. I
woke up with fear and realized that It was just a bad nightmare.
It was the third-day mom, dad, polices and villagers all lost

Like that night, a violent storm was blowing, electricity
is gone. Mom lit candles and we all sat together worried and
upset about Angely. Suddenly our front door creaked on its
hinge. We saw a figure entering and coming toward us but not
like a normal person. The rain stopped and the town was lit by
a full moon.We could clearly see the face and we saw it’s none
other than Angely……….but how … how can a dead person
walk? She suddenly let out a piercing shriek.

Her eyes were like burning flames and had drawn haggard
look. She broke out in a great flame of anger. There was an
ominous silence in the house. Suddenly we heard the cracking
of the glass, it was the mirror. Many people believe that a
broken window is an omen of bad luck. After that, she

I woke up to hear knocking on the glass. At first, I thought it was
the window until I heard it come from the mirror. I was panic –
stricken, there was a droplet of sweat on my forehead and I was
shivering. I moved toward the mirror and saw Angley, her face
was like eaten by something. As I stepped back, I got hit by
something and became unconscious.

After I regain consciousness, we all went to that spooky cemetery. It
was dark, the wind was howling. The fog covered the
cemetery with a heaviness you could almost cut with a knife.
There was a big oak tree. From there I could clearly see my
sister hanging. My mom screamed , everyone too but… I couldn’t
even move as if I was paralyzed. I was totally macabre.

That moment when you see your beloved sister hanging in
front of your eyes. Just imagine, she was there when you had
no one, she was there when mom scolded you, she was more
happy of your achievements than you, she was the one who
saved you when you came home late. That sister whom you
fight with but still loves you is now hanging in front of you.

We took her body and left the village, buried her in our town. It
has been 11 years and still people ask me what happened
with Angely. I kept quiet but this time I decided to let the world
know what happened with you Angely.I didn’t forget about you,
nor I will, as you were my only sister. Every single memory of
you make me remember those days. I love you sister.

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