Is Death The End?

Life After Death

Life After Death

One of the main purposes of this website is to research and share evidence and information related to the possibility that there is more to our lives than what we can see with our own physical eyes. In addition, you, the reader have the ability to also share your own stories and beliefs regarding the afterlife. (We accept stories from everyone; whether you believe in paranormal activities or you don’t.)

Life after death has two main schools of thought:

1.) There is something that happens to us after we die.

2.) Life ends and it is game over.

One of the biggest fears we all have is death.  For both atheists and nontheists alike, the fear of death is very real.    It is very saddening and depressing to believe that we live to die and there is nothing more after death. Through our many years of paranormal research; the researchers at believe without a doubt that there is something very real and something very much happening after we take our last breath on Earth.

During World War 1, it was said there are no atheists in a trench. Even less when death is happening. And, absolutely zero when the clock runs out.

Psychic Abilities and Death

Josef Stalin, the mass-murdering atheist dictator of Russia killed people for over 30 years without remorse for his evil deeds. Much like Hitler, Stalin exterminated people for their beliefs.  However, Stalin’s mass exterminations were at a much higher degree.  It is estimated that Stalin murdered 50 million people from 1924- 1953.  Some estimates are as high as 62 million people murdered. Nonetheless, Stalin was an atheist up to the moment he died. Stalin hated the idea of God. As documented by Svetlana Stalin, Josef Stalin’s daughter, Svetlana

As documented by Svetlana Stalin, Josef Stalin’s daughter, Svetlana stated

“[A]s Stalin lay dying, plagued with terrifying hallucinations, he suddenly sat halfway up in bed, clenched his fist toward the heavens once more, fell back upon his pillow, and was dead.”

“[H]is one last gesture,” observed Zacharias, “was a clenched fist toward God, his heart as cold and hard as steel.”

Oh, the irony.  A man who murdered tens of millions of innocent people for their religious and political beliefs rises up and raises his fist towards the heavens.  Sure, this event could easily be discounted; but, like so many reports of people on “deaths door”; just what if? What if Stalin really did see something “paranormal” moments before his death?  We will all find out one way or another.


What happens when we die?

This is a question mankind has pondered since the beginning of human existence. Numerous people have claimed to have seen the other side. “And it opened up like a rift.” We are no longer ourselves. There is no longer space and time. Is death the end?  There is no scientific proof that there is an afterlife.  Even with all the data paranormal researchers like myself have gathered; there is not conclusive evidence that an afterlife exists. But, paranormal researchers like myself believe there is something more to death. There has to be.

If you look at everything we know about our planet and the solar system; everything is a cycle.  Literally, everything occurs in a cycle; including the birth and death of stars as well as solar systems and galaxies.  Everything is recycled into something new.  This idea of recycling life and the universe is the basis of many religions.  Could the possibility of our spiritual existence also be recycled or transformed into something we do not know or understand yet?

This is by no means a comprehensive study of life after death.  However, I just wanted to open your eyes to the possibility and share with you a wonderful documentary I found on this topic.  Please continue the discussion by posting your thoughts below! Please remember to be kind and no attacking.

The motivation for this article came from this article here. Matt Barber did a wonderful job taking on this difficult topic.

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