Inhuman Voices: Our Experience in a Haunted House

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I Heard Inhuman Voices

I remember very vividly the first time I heard inhuman voices. Money is always tight in my household. So, when my fiancée and I were offered a free place for a couple of weeks in the city to stay we, we did not think  twice. The house we were offered was big and oddly shaped. For starters, it had three floors and a lot more rooms than we would ever need. Other than a couple of closets, a fully functional kitchen, three equipped bathrooms and a bed, the house was empty.

It took us a few hours to get settled and I suggested to Danielle, my friend, we go downstairs for a pack of smokes and a few beers and listened to a couple of Black Sabbath albums to relax; she agreed and we had a great time at first. When we were done, it was time to go to sleep, so we took our tired bodies to the third floor. It wasn’t long until I started hearing the door banging. I was not scared, but I did not feel like walking down three floors just to see who was at the door. The noise intensified and what seemed to be a fight broke out in front of our main door, at least that is what it sounded like. I figured it could only get worst and went down to check if the door was closed.

There was a dark staircase that led to the front door and as I descended I could hear the voices. These voices were not human sounding voices.  Rather, they sounded inhuman voices in nature. The voices are difficult to describe; almost like a dark eerie sounding low bass with a little static thrown in.

Are these inhuman voices below?  Check them out.  These were recorded using our RTEVP device.

The front door was locked and I peeped through the small hole to see if I could catch a glimpse of the problem out there, but the street was completely deserted. I thought it was weird and walked back to bed; I felt a pair of eyes piercing the back of my skull in the middle of the dark room, but when I kept turning back, nothing was there. As I entered the room, where my fiancée was supposed to be sleeping, I found her crouching in the corner of the room holding a baseball bat and scared.

Where were you, Mark? Danielle asked, trembling. Downstairs, I… I went for a glass of water, I lied, trying not to disturb her, she would get anxious for no reason. More than she already was. Are you ok?

I knew it wasn’t you! she replied, dismissing my question entirely. What? Who? The closet doors were banging like crazy and I could hear a voice saying…Saying what? I retorted with a puzzled expression.I don’t know, maybe I was just paranoid.

I began to play air guitar to the initial riff of the song Paranoid by Black Sabbath, Danielle laughed and looked back with a skeptical face. She seemed fearful and vulnerable. I wanted to calm her down, but she was in real distress.

Where did you get the bat, silly? I don’t know, it was here. Why is it so… red? I asked in a very high-pitched voice. I think it is blood she answered with her face contorting into an expression of fear once more.

At this precise moment and before I could make a joke to calm her down, the doors started banging, just as Danielle had described it and I heard the voice that will chill me until the day I die:

You are making too much noise.

Inhuman Voices

Danielle started crying immediately and did not give me a chance to freeze or be paralyzed by fear: There! That is the voice! It’s saying it again, she yelled.

I had to protect her. I grabbed the bat and opened the door, thinking this was not a paranormal experience, but rather, we were dealing with a squatter or even the owner of the house, who was a close friend.

Who are you?

There was no response. I kept shouting and at one point, Danielle joined me in the middle of the room. There was a bang on the door and then I heard steps, my fingers began to freeze but I held the bat firmly. My mind started to race and think of ways to get out of this situation, but there was no manual to escape a haunted house. I could still hear the steps, but Danielle was not paying attention to that. A lonely chair with wheels in one of the necessary rooms was sliding slowly across the room as if someone was on it. Naturally, nobody was there.

Well, nobody we could see. The steps kept coming closer and closer and the chair did not stop moving. I whispered to Danielle; she should barricade herself inside the room and put the bed against the door. I am glad she did not listen because I would have trapped her inside the highest room in the house. When the sound of whatever that was supposed to be coming up the stairs reached us, there was no one. I began shaking because this was breaking me; how could I protect us from something that I could not see or was real? Danielle began muttering something under her breath but I could not make sense of it.

To take my mind off it I began mumbling a catchy tune from the album we had just heard. It took ten seconds for the chair to shoot past us with an amazing speed and fall down the stairs, making too much noise for what was happening. The light in the middle of the room turned off instantly and we ran into the well-lit bedroom. It took us almost thirty minutes to gather the strength and the will to leave the house in the middle of the night, pass through that dark room and down the stairs and I can swear that the last thing I heard before we left the house was:

I don’t like that music.

To this day, I am not sure what those inhuman voices were. The inhuman voices were chilling, like nothing I had ever heard before. It did not sound human and it did not sound normal. The more I think about that night, the less sense it makes for me. We did not go back to the house and decided to spend a big amount on a hotel room, with peace of mind included. I never heard another voice so disturbing again.


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