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Please be sure to include as much detailed information as possible. We recommend that you keep a log of activities with dates and times listed next to each event.  In addition, be sure to document who was present when the event occurred and what you were doing.  The more information you can log, the more detailed our investigation can be.


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6 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. I left you a less than detailed description because i know you guys are up to your neck with investigations.  It wasnt until after i sent off the brief encounters that i read the part about writing an extremely detailed description. If you have any questions please contact me at the brothel.  I left my contact information and email.  Many of the girls and staff members are more than willing to provide information that could be of help in this matter.  Thanks again.  Paris Envy

    1. Hi Paris,  we have so many calls and emails!  We appreciate your interest.  We are investigating a local hotel haunting at the moment. We will try to make contact in the new year. Happy Holidays!

  2. hello my name is Josie my sister is currently having problems with the house she is living in.I’ve heard the I’ve heard voices and I seen my sister terrified more than what I’ve ever seenshe has not been herselfplease contact me by my email as soon as possible Thanks

  3. My sons ghost possible demons are getting angy, the more I try to expunge them. They have hurt him and he tries to get me to make nice with the because they are scared. The main ones name is Aldo. What do I do? I dealt with it until it hurt my baby, smashed his head in a wall

    1. Thanks for your interest; however, we pretty much keep to family and close friends for investigations.

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