Green Valley Park 11/17/2012

November 19, 2012

After a long hiatus, we were back at Green Valley Park on November 17, 2012.  After arriving, we could immediately sense the energy in the air.  Namely, our K-2 meter was going crazy.  No matter where we were at in the park, our K-2 meter was off the charts; however, once we walked out of the park and into our vehicles, the K-2 meter went back to normal.  Our investigation started out with a voice box investigation.  Using the latest technology, we quickly scanned through the FM frequencies and started asking questions.  Although our EVP data is not live yet, the data appears to be very promising.  In addition, several of our photos from this investigation demonstrated once again, we are not alone.  Check out the series of photos.  The first photo appears to be just normal dust (aka orb) in the right hand area of the photo.  However, after investigation and using technology to blow up the photo, you can clearly see a face, an ear, a nose with nostrils, and eyes.  I can even see a beard!  Now, what is ironic, is that from our EVP's I asked who was here with us and got the response "Jim".  Is this "Jim" we are seeing?
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