List of EVP’s Electronic Voice Phenomenon

February 19, 2018

EVP’s or Electronic Voice Phenomenon are sounds that are found while ghost hunting on electronic equipment such as ghost boxes and electronic recorders. These voices may be captured on purpose while ghost hunting or not purposely such as recording a speech or other event. Parapsychologist Konstantīns Raudive coined the phrase EVP in the 1970’s. Konstantīns described the term EVP as a short phrase and or single word.  Sometimes, if you are lucky, you can catch complete sentences or more; although rare. - READ MORE

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San Antonio Ghosts

April 5, 2015

In March, 2015, we took a trip to famous San Antonio, Texas.  We stayed at the Embassy Suites in room 1009 adjacent to the San Antonio River Walk.  Of course, we brought our ghost hunting equipment.  We were not disappointed with our results. In fact, we received some phenomenal EVP's (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) right in our room overlooking the historic San Antonio River Walk. Read More [...]

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Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort & Spa

Haunted Hawaii-Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort & Spa

September 13, 2014

In August, 2014, my family and I decided to take a well-needed vacation to Kona, Hawaii.  As usual, we brought our ghost hunting equipment with us.  Once we arrived in Hawaii, we could instantly sense the energy of the spirit realm. Perhaps this was attributed to the two hurricanes that were enroute to the main island? Nevertheless, Hawaii is full of spirit energy and traditions of the Native Hawaiians going back hundreds of years.  Our vacation brought us to the wonderful Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort & Spa.  We have been to this resort about six times over the years and highly recommend the resort to any one in need of a vacation! Read More [...]

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embassy suites anaheim

Haunted Embassy Suites Anaheim North

November 24, 2013

Have you ever wondered if the hotel you are staying at contains spirits? The purpose of this post is to share with you E.V.P.'s known as electronic voice phenomenon captured at Embassy Suites Anaheim North. Well, while vacationing in Southern, California, we brought with us a variety of electronic devices to dive deeper into this question.  Did we capture evidence of the paranormal at a newer style hotel chain?  You bet we did!  After years of paranormal research; it is our belief that spirits are all around us. We are constantly finding evidence of intelligent responses received through audio recorders known as E.V.P's or electronic voice phenomenon. Read More [...]

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Paranormal Activity Researchers

Electronic Voice Phenomenon

November 3, 2013

Each and every time I capture spirit voices, I am amazed! Today, we utilize ghost boxes or spirit boxes that help listen to Electronic Voice Phenomenon or EVP's. For me, communicating with the spirits using an electronic device has validated the reports of spirit activity from the last several thousands of years by every single geographic and ethnic groups across the globe.

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Haunting EVP Evidence

October 20, 2013

Much of our evidence of a haunting comes in the form of EVP's. EVP's are Electronic Voice Phenomenon. Through the use of technology, we are able to capture intelligent spirits answering direct questioning.

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Haunting in Las Vegas-Private Residence

October 4, 2013

Almost daily, we are contacted by one of the 2 million residents in Las Vegas and surrounding municipalities to investigate an alleged Haunting in Las Vegas or paranormal activity in a private residence.

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