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 Submit Your Paranormal Stories:

Do you have a real ghost story or paranormal event to share? Do you have evidence to support your story? Please share your true paranormal stories, evidence and or experiences with us! We want your paranormal sstories. Are you a ghost hunter? Every day, we receive emails from guests who have paranormal stories to share. Please take a moment and put your old or recent paranormal experience into writing so others may learn from your experiences. We are looking for true experiences related to ghosts, spirits, haunting, or paranormal stories from fellow ghost hunters, psychics or mediums.

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We are looking for your real paranormal experiences.

1.) Your story must be unique and not copied.

2.) Please include the location as to where your paranormal experience occurred.

3.) Stories submitted here will be published on If you do not want your story published and are seeking advice; you can always contact us. You agree by submitting your story, that may use the story in any manner.

4.) Only scary stories written in proper English, spelled checked, proper grammar usage, and not promoting religion will be considered.

5.) If your story is a copy, submitted elsewhere, or not an original; it will not be accepted.

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 Recent Scary Stories

The Nelson House

When I was 4 years old, my Mom re-married and we moved into an old house known as the “Nelson House“. The house had burned down in the 1940’s, killing the family that lived there, except for the father, Larry Nelson. He had the house rebuilt shortly after and hung himself in the master bedroom. It was a pretty big house – 7 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 2 kitchens.

Ghostly Tales From My Family

People usually believe things they can see or feel, and generally scoff at concepts that cannot be scientifically proven. One such concept or topic is supernatural presence or ghosts as they are generally known as. Most of us tend to roll our eyes whenever anyone describes a ghostly incident they encountered, but those who experienced it know the truth but cannot present any proof. I have heard ghostly tales from my family.

Girl in the Mirror

This happened in Las Vegas, Nevada in the Summerlin area. It happened in early 2011, when I was 8. My dad, step-mom, stepbrother who was 15 at the time, and I had moved into a new house in December 2010. It is located in a great area, gated community, top schools county wide.

Ghost Story: Tanglewood Lenox, Massachusetts

We all have grown-up hearing stories of the paranormal. Hollywood has made various paranormal stories into a multi-billion dollar industry. Since I was a young boy, I have had numerous paranormal incidences that I would always brush off as being a coincidence or having a logical explanation. It seemed as if I was/am a magnet to paranormal experiences.

The Goat Man and The Old Alton Bridge

As a boy, I heard a lot of ghost stories. Most of them were too far-fetched to believe and I never really took them seriously. I would tell stories, make up strange and spooky situations, to contribute to the communal exchange and maybe make another person get goose bumps if I was lucky. I never really believed in the spirit world, though. I believed anything could be explained with proper investigation, through the scientific method, as a normal occurrence in our natural world. Then, I took a visit to the Old Alton Bridge.

Spirit Faces Appearing in Dreams

As a young girl, I was interested in the supernatural. I have felt connections to places, when I have never been there. I have had instances where I know the details of something that happened, when it occurred decades before and I had no historical knowledge of the subject. The supernatural was always pulling me in. I have also been “visited” by spirits. I have many scary stories to share!

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