Psychic Abilities and Stomach Energies

Considering that this article is focused on the “stomach energies” as well as psychic abilities, we will certainly narrow our emphasis to the local of the clairsentience.

Doreen Virtue, author of “Clairaudience: Hearing Your Angels’ Messages,” states that clairsentients obtain divine support with physical sensations, such as a tightening of the mouth, clenched fists, stomach or sex body organs, and that they intuitively understand the certain significance of these tightening up reactions. She, even more, adds that clairsentients receive angelic guidance via an etheric feeling of smell, preference, and also touch.

Clairvoyance suggests seeing into a heavenly dimension without utilizing physical eyes. Some explain it as reaching into an additional vibration frequency and also aesthetically regard “within the head” something like moving photos. The third eye area of the temple is just one of the various other greatest communication facilities that Guides frequently utilize to communicate.

In writing this short article, I spoke with globe renown psychic as well as writer Jane Doherty because as a psychic she experiences physical phenomena that associate with Sir Oliver Lodge’s idea of “checking out with the pit of the stomach.”.

Communications from spirit Guides as well as ghosts is somewhat of a secret to a lot of us, however yet there are those who say they could freely connect with other-worldly beings they call Guides and also ghosts.

There are a variety of ways in which a Guide or a departed spirit could communicate with a tool or psychic. Often these interactions are through what is called the “clear senses.”.

Psychic Jane Doherty has this psychic tummy experience as she applies her clairsentience abilities, but interestingly sufficient the phenomena only takes place when a ghost is present as well as not when a Guide exists. You could learn more concerning Jane Doherty’s psychic capabilities in her publication “Awakening the Mystic Gift: The Surprising Truth About What It Means to Be Psychic,” which narrates Jane’s very own psychic awakening and also exactly what it absolutely implies to be psychic. You could additionally view her increasing tummy location on TLC’s Dead Tenants receive which Jane co-stars. Jane’s publication and also book club lie at

Clairsentient means to smell a fragrance or odor of a compound which is not physical in nature. For example, you might scent cigarette smoke when you are in an area where it is certain nobody is cigarette smoking or has smoked.

Psychic Abilities

That is an interesting monitoring when you look much more internationally at the old’s ideas about the stomach. The Chinese called this belly chakra the “chi point,” while the Japanese called it the “hard” or “ki point.” As the physical body’s balancing chakra, this local is located one and a half inches below the navel as well as one and also a fifty percent inches inward towards the spine. It is the “power” that the body generates, some call it a power-center.

Clairsentience permits a psychic to view information as a sensation within the whole body with no other stimuli associated with this sensation or information, which comes from within the body, down the kundalini to the stomach location or solar plexus. The stomach area is just one of the greatest communication centers that Guides often utilize to communicate.

Whenever there are ghosts around Jane Doherty, she has an outstanding physical response to them. The response Jane has is that her belly area really enlarges by as much as 6 inches around within seconds. As well as, Jane informs us that it is extremely agonizing to her when this occurs. If you watch Jane while her stomach development is happening, you are going to hear her moaning and see her wincing … and trust me, it is not dramatics … Jane remains in precise pain.

Clairvoyance is equated as clear sampling. The individual experiences taste in the mouth without putting anything physical in fact in the mouth.




Clair detects is a collective word, meaning that the Guides’ interaction could make use of any one of the following types of psychic sensitivity which co-mingles the physical body’s normal 5 senses.

Clearly the “stomach energies” as well as “psychic capabilities” are inherently associated with a praise that aids permit tools to communicate with Guides, ghosts and also other-worldly beings. The stomach local is without a doubt among the strongest communication facilities regularly use to connect keeping that which has no physical form.

The five sense and the clear sense involved are:.

In his historic works of “Psychic Science,” Sir Oliver Lodge spoke about exactly what he called “clairvoyance or lucidity” as well as elevated the older concepts that were created as “checking out with the pit of the tummy.” Based on Lodge, utilizing the tummy or tummy local as the stations for psychic communications was an established practice.


When it concern her expanding belly, Jane states, “It feels like a tightening when a lady is in labor, however, it doesn’t ever launch me up until the spirit leaves. Instead, the belly increases as if I was nine months expecting.” Jane, in fact, defines it as very intense muscle pains, where her stomach is literally gripped by the ghost, as well as if you enjoy, the stomach will really raise. Jane continues, “Often I can tell by the hold whether it is a female, male or kid spirit. It initially took place to me in 1990, when I explored my initial troubled home with a researcher.”.

Clairaudience is perceived sounds (or words) that a person can actually hear when, in fact, no one is talking as well as nothing physical is creating the sounds. The sounds are believed to be impressions that register themselves on the spirilla of the ear’s pineal glandular. It is thought that clairaudience appears to go through the same process that typical hearing does, going through the Third Eye chakra of the head.

Popular tool John Holland says specifically that the hot spot for clairsentients is the tummy.


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