Kuldhara Village Road Paranormal Experience

paranormal experience in village


by: Jabobi L., Kuldhara Village Road

One midnight, I was on my way back home situated in a less dense village, walking slowly and enjoying the calm weather. I didn’t expect any paranormal experience since it was normal for me to walk around at that time and my routine often demanded me to move back and forth to my house at or around midnight.

As I was walking alone, I saw a girl of about 8 years coming towards me. She seemed like a normal girl at first and asked me, “What are you doing here at this time?”. It felt odd for a kid her age to ask a question like this but I acted normally and responded that I am going back to home.  I asked the same question from her, but she retorted in an odd behavior, not giving the particular answer of my question. - READ MORE

Video: Ghost or Bug?

Security Camera Ghost

On May 9, 2016, we set up home security cameras at a house that was reporting paranormal occurrences. The security cameras record based on motion.  So, if motion takes places in front of the camera, the video records a few seconds before the motion and 2 minutes after the motion. Because the motion was activated the security cameras twice, we decided to put both video clips into one video.

What do you think this is?  Do you believe this is a ghost or spirit or a bug or animal?  The video was captured at 2:37 am – 2:41 am. Please feel free to leave your comments below.  We love to hear what you think it is that was captured. - READ MORE

Inhuman Voices: Our Experience in a Haunted House

real haunted house

I Heard Inhuman Voices

I remember very vividly the first time I heard inhuman voices. Money is always tight in my household. So, when my fiancée and I were offered a free place for a couple of weeks in the city to stay we, we did not think  twice. The house we were offered was big and oddly shaped. For starters, it had three floors and a lot more rooms than we would ever need. Other than a couple of closets, a fully functional kitchen, three equipped bathrooms and a bed, the house was empty.

It took us a few hours to get settled and I suggested to Danielle, my friend, we go downstairs for a pack of smokes and a few beers and listened to a couple of Black Sabbath albums to relax; she agreed and we had a great time at first. When we were done, it was time to go to sleep, so we took our tired bodies to the third floor. It wasn’t long until I started hearing the door banging. I was not scared, but I did not feel like walking down three floors just to see who was at the door. The noise intensified and what seemed to be a fight broke out in front of our main door, at least that is what it sounded like. I figured it could only get worst and went down to check if the door was closed. - READ MORE

Is Death The End?

Life After Death

Life After Death

One of the main purposes of this website is to research and share evidence and information related to the possibility that there is more to our lives than what we can see with our own physical eyes. In addition, you, the reader have the ability to also share your own stories and beliefs regarding the afterlife. (We accept stories from everyone; whether you believe in paranormal activities or you don’t.)

Life after death has two main schools of thought:

1.) There is something that happens to us after we die.

2.) Life ends and it is game over. - READ MORE

Enfield Poltergeist: Real Evil Haunting Family

enfield poltergeist

Enfield Poltergeist

In 1977, a single parent, Peggy Hodgson called the Enfield Police out to her rented home. The home was in the historic Enfield, England, which dates back to at least the 11th century.

Peggy Hodgson claimed that two of her four children watched furniture move around their home. If that was not scary enough, the family also reported knocking sounds on the inside of the walls.

This was just the tip of the iceberg.  The Enfield Haunting is a well documented haunting witnessed by police officers, community members, paranormal researchers, and even the crew of the BBC. - READ MORE

Best Ghost Images Compiled

Real Ghost Picture

Top 10 Best Ghost Images Captured

One of the best features of the internet is how information can be shared.  Images, video, audio can be transmitted in a click of a button. However, many of the ghostly images captured below are from days when film cameras prevailed. From mysterious ghostly figures to unexplained apparitions on group photos (spirit photobombers),  I hope you enjoy the Top 10 Best Ghost Images Captured.

  • Boothill Cemetary Ghost-Terry Ike Clanton took this mysterious photo of his friend at the Boothill Cemetary. The photo was taken in black and white because his friend was trying to recreate the feel of the Old West. In the back of the gravestones, waiting was the spirit of what resembles a man wearing a cowboy hat in the Old West style. Clanton commented that nobody else was around at the old Boothill Cemetary.

    Top 5 Ghost Videos Compiled

    real ghost picture

    Here are the Top 5 scariest ghost videos captured on camera. I’ve scoured the internet looking for evidence of ghosts others have captured.