Las Vegas Ghost Hunters

Las Vegas Paranormal Investigators:

Welcome to! We are a family (father and sons) paranormal investigating and research group based here in Las Vegas, NV whose mission is to record, document, and explain through scientific principles that ghosts and or spirits exist in an afterlife or alternate parallel realm.

We are serious and professional-oriented adults. “Skepticism” is our approach to any paranormal investigation and try to rule out any and all possibilities before stating whether we believe a specific location to be paranormal.

In addition, we love to share and educate the public and help and counsel those living in unexplained paranormal situations.  We do not ask for any fees for our services.  Also, we take privacy seriously and do not disclose information such as evidence gathered from private residences without permission.

We do not utilize or practice Ouija boards, seances, or diving rods to try to manifest or find spirits.

We have experience investigating public and private locations. Although we are based in Las Vegas, Nevada, we are open to investigations throughout the United States.

Please feel free to contact us if you are experiencing paranormal events and would like an honest subjective opinion.

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12 Responses to Las Vegas Ghost Hunters

  1. Kris Caron says:

    Hi, My husband & I rent a home in Las Vegas (near UMC). The lease runs out at the end of April so we'll be moving then. We have security cameras set up & I would like to know if you'd come out & look at some orbs that's been captured. My husband says it's dust. I say no way!

    • Las Vegas Paranormal Researchers says:

      Yes, orbs and dust can be very hard to distiguish.  They both give off a similar image when captured on film.  If using a still camera, I like to zoom in on the orb and look for distinctive features.  Sometimes, you can make out facial features.  Most of the times however, especially in Las Vegas, we get A LOT of dust! :)

  2. Macy Whaley says:

    Hi, my name is Macy Whaley and I was wondering if anyway possible I could go on an investigation with you guys. I'm really into the Paranormal. Thank you for your time.

    • Las Vegas Paranormal Researchers says:

      Hi Macy,

      We generally take close friends and family along on investigations. I appreciate your interest in the paranormal.  Perhaps in the future we can organize a group meeting for those interested in research and hold some informal classes on paranormal research.  We always try to subscribe to best practices when investigating.  That gives me an idea.  Perhaps I will write a lengthy post on best practices for conducting paranormal research!  I have had much experience in this area.  We basically use the same tools that you see on television.  However, we try to approach an investigation by ruling out all causes of what evidence we collect.  Our site is by no means “all the evidence” we have collected.  We have evidence related to numerous private residences that we will not share publicly.  Good hunting! 

  3. john foley says:

    me my wife and daughter are seeing shadow people in my house and bedrooms on a regular 

    basis hope you can help


    JOhn Foley

    • Las Vegas Paranormal Researchers says:


      Have you tried setting up a digital camera?  You can also purchase a voice recorder to try to record voices.

  4. Stephanie says:

    Dear investigators, 

             I was wondering if you guys take volunteers on your investigations?

    • Las Vegas Paranormal Researchers says:

      Hi Stephanie,

      We have taken volunteers on investigations.  Currently, because of busy schedules, we have taken a hiatus from paranormal research.  We have some hunts planned; but, not any time soon. Thanks!

  5. Greetings, I am Rev. Susan Williams Owner and President of the Red River Wiccans of Texas Association.  I am also a legally ordained Wiccan Minister and solitaire practicing Witch.  I will be visiting Las Vegas Sept. 28th for the Pagan Pride Day and will be staying over for a few days.  I am interested in your investigations and if time permitted and approval, I would like to observe a investigation.  I am very familiar with Spirits/Ghosts for my home contains three, I have had a paranormal team researched and documented evidence , 12 page report as well as a DVD and have made contact with the female who refuses to speak to men, shes between 18-20, mocks/sings like my singing in lullaby.  She responds by flashlight and pulls my energy.  The father hushes her and the mother refuses to speak.  My home is 4000 sq ft.  The mother resides in my basement, father in my library and the daughter in my third floor offices which have been through renovations.  We have many orbs, shadow people, shadow animals and strange occurrances. I would be interested in your investigation as well if you are to ever get out this way.  Thank you and hope to hear from you~

    • Las Vegas Paranormal Researchers says:

      Hi Rev. Susan,

      I am now in receipt of your message. I have no investigations currently scheduled for this weekend.  Reply to this post and I will see if I can put something together.  How long are you in town for?  I would be interested in learning more about your 12 page report and DVD.  Please let me know how I can get a copy!  Have a terrific stay in Vegas!

  6. Victoria minarcik says:

    Hi my name is Victoria. I saw a comment above where a woman asks to observe an investigation. Do you allow this?
    I have had many experiences in the past and am overwhelmed by the spirits among us. I feel certain ones when close around me and have no problem recognizing if they are a peaceful spirit or angry/bad. My mother handed down this trait to me and my sister.
    My dream has been to observe an actual paranormal investigation. Learn more about them so in my future I may join a group to help out the lost souls who cannot find their way. My mother is one of them now.
    Anyways I am a fan of your site and am looking forward to more posts. I reside in west las vegas. If you could reply to my email I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you guys.

    • Las Vegas Paranormal Researchers says:

      Hi Victoria, we appreciate your interest and abilities. Perhaps in the future you can accompany us on an investigation. Use the contact page sharing your contact information.

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