Las Vegas Ghost Hunters Investigate GoodSprings Saloon

Las Vegas Ghost Hunting

On Thursday, September 8, 2011, Las Vegas paranormal investigators from packed up and went to the Pioneer Saloon located in GoodSprings, NV.  This was our first outing to investigate the saloon.  We met with the owner, Noel Sheckells who has had many first-hand encounters with spirits that roam the Pioneer Saloon.  Noel stated that most of his paranormal activity orginates from the women’s bathroom.  On occasion, Noel has heard crying coming from the bathroom area.  Literally 30 seconds into our investigation, we immediately captured an evp, or electronic voice phenomenon.  The below EVP sound clip begins with a standard question we use. “Do you know your dead?”  Often times, spirits do not know that they have died.  However, our investigation at Pioneer Saloon demonstrated that the woman haunting the saloon does in fact know she is dead.  In fact, the woman’s voice states,”I’m dead!”  The response received leads us to believe that the haunt at Pioneer Saloon is in fact, an intelligent haunt.

Also, when listening to the EVP below, you will hear the sound of a door opening while.  This “squeaky door” sound was not present during the investigation.  In fact, the door was closed and the door does not make a squeak when opening.


Haunted Pioneer Saloon



Goodsprings Saloon was established in 1913.  Miners would frequent the saloon, the hotel, and general store.  Today, the saloon is the only standing structure.  The hotel and general store burnt down in the 1960’s because of a fire.


EVP Sound Clip





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