Haunted Embassy Suites Anaheim North

Haunted Embassy Suites

Have you ever wondered if the hotel you are staying at contains spirits? The purpose of this post is to share with you E.V.P.’s known as electronic voice phenomenon captured at Embassy Suites Anaheim North. Well, while vacationing in Southern, California, we brought with us a variety of electronic devices to dive deeper into this question.  Did we capture evidence of the paranormal at a newer style hotel chain?  You bet we did!  After years of paranormal research; it is our belief that spirits are all around us. We are constantly finding evidence of intelligent responses received through audio recorders known as E.V.P’s or electronic voice phenomenon.

embassy suites anaheim

Our latest ghost hunt took place in a random room at Embassy Suites Anaheim North. The room we stayed in was room #406 on October 24-27, 2013. This room was not requested and simply a random room supplied to us by the hotel. We had no idea what to expect. We decided to sit at the small table provided by the hotel in room #406 and see if we could gather any responses using our RT-EVP2 spirit box.  For those of you that do not know what this device does; it scans through FM stereo stations and provides an avenue for users to communicate with spirits.  EVERY time we use the RT-EVP2, we gather dozens and dozens of intelligent responses in regards to a plethora of questions we ask.

This particular EVP was taken at Embassy Suites Anaheim North on October 25, 2013. The very first question during the EVP session was asked, “Is there anyone here that wants to speak to us?”  Listen to the variety of responses obtained from this first question. Right off the bat, the VERY FIRST answer was “Demon” followed by a woman’s voice with unknown words (can you make them out?) Next, a few second later, you hear a male’s voice say,“I’m dead.” The last voice we received from this response again states,“Demon.”  This EVP sound clip is unedited.

EVP Sound Clip “Is There Anyone Here That Wants to Speak to Us?”


The second question asked during this EVP session was,“What is your name.” After over 10 seconds passed, we hear the response,“Steven.”

EVP Sound Clip “What is Your Name?”


The third question asked during this EVP session was,“How Many Spirits Are Here in This Room?.” One of the responses clearly states, “20.”  Can you make out the other responses? We believe the last voice at the end of the EVP states,”Present.”

EVP Sound Clip “How Many Spirits Are Here in This Room?”


Another question posed during this EVP session was,“There’s a green meter on the desk over there; can you make it turn red?.” We hear a voice say, “Help” and another one at the end of the EVP say, “Maybe.” 

EVP Sound Clip “There’s a Green Meter on the Desk Over There; Can You Make it Turn Red?”


This next EVP really got our attention.  At this time during the EVP session, two boys belonging to one of our investigators came to our room looking for us.  I knew who was at the door because the parent called them up to the room on a cell phone.  The Q&A was under way when I asked the question, “What is the two boys names that just walked through the Door.”  The response returned was the correct name of one of the boys.  You can hear the reply, “Alec” TWICE! One of the voices was a “creepy voice” and the other was a very high pitched response (also creepy). You can hear my response to the voice I heard through the RT-EVP2.  I heard the response loud and clear through the ghost box.

EVP Sound Clip“What is the Two Boys Names That Just Walked Through the Door?”

This is the very next question asked during our EVP session.  We had a guy named Austin present during the EVP session.  The question was asked, “How old is he?”  You can hear two responses.  The first response says, “Help Me” immediately following the question.  Then, another very low pitched voice responds “Pretty Old.”  Then, a weird, almost yelling voice responds, “What’s Up?” Finally, another voice says, “Hey.”

EVP Sound Clip “How Old is Austin?”


The next question in our sequence was, “Is someone holding you here against your will?”  The response says, “He’s Coming.”

EVP Sound Clip “Is Someone Holding You Here Against Your Will?”


One of the most common responses we receive on EVP’s are the two words, “Help Me.”  We here these words over and over.  Some EVP clips can have over a dozen or more phrases of help me by over a dozen or more voices.  The question was referring to the K2 meter we had placed.  You can clearly hear an unknown response from what sounds like a kid followed by another voice saying, “Help Me.”

EVP Sound Clip “Nobodys Going to Hurt Ya, Can You Make That Green Light Move?”


This was one of the more bizarre EVP responses we received.  Once again, you can hear a voice say, “Help.” Then, a female voice clearly says, “Be Quiet.”  Was she talking to me or the spirit asking for help?

EVP Sound Clip “Come Take Energy From The Batteries”


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Wow, those are some nice EVP's. Are the spirits being held against their will?  I see you capture spirits saying "Help Me" a lot.  How can we help the spirits?  Prayer or? Keep the posts coming!

Anne Desonier

My daughter and I experienced the same March 7 _ 9 2014.