This video was filmed at Green Valley Park, Henderson, NV.  The video us unaltered.  We do not understand how the video camera was interrupted and a voice came through.  We were using a Sony Digial Film Camera on a tri-pod.  You can also see a water bottle fly off the table towards the end of the video.

This video was captured at the Good Springs Cemetery.  We were using a Sony Digital Film Camera.  Many people want to say that the “thing” flying through the air is a bug.  We do not believe this to be true.  The video was recorded on a very cold evening.  Even more, the camera shut off as soon as the “flying thing” hit it.  We have no explanation for this.

This is a video taken at Green Valley Park using a Sony Digital Film Camera. You can see part of what we believe to be a spirit walk from left to right of the screen.  When we blow the video up onto a large TV for example; we can see that whatever it is, does not have an upper-body.  We can also make out the black boots it was wearing.  You can see people in the background.  We have received a ton of evidence at this location.

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