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Introduction: Full Spectrum Motion Camcorder

The Full Spectrum Motion Camcorder is one of my favorite devices to capture paranormal data.  In particular, this Full Spectrum Motion Camcorder is loaded with functions.  We have captured some of our best evidence using this Full Spectrum Camcorder.

Full Spectrum Motion Camcorder



On a variety of occasions, we have used this Full Spectrum Camcorder (shown above) to capture some of our best evidence of paranormal activity. In particular, we took this camera to an old mansion and set-it to motion detection.  While on the tripod, the camera detected something that we could not see and began recording video and audio.  We were able to capture an entity moving down the hall.  It was a black mass with a human body outline.  Although we cannot disclose the evidence because of our confidentiality agreement with the homeowner, we did capture some amazing footage.


The Full Spectrum Motion Camcorder is loaded with features. One of my favorite features is the Image stabilization feature which  helps with higher quality video in dark environments.  The fact that this camcorder provides HD video is amazing. The video is a full 1080p quality. The camcorder is light and compact.  I can carry the Full Spectrum Camcorder for hours and never feel tired.  The camcorder comes with a color touchscreen with a swiveling LCD display. The camera can be charged via USB and or DC power outlet. One of my favorite features is the motion detection.  The camcorder is responsive and works well with the motion feature set.  In fact, we have captured several wonderful pieces of evidence using the motion feature.  It is like a set-it and forget it feature. Like most camcorders, you can mount the camcorder to a tripod.  This device can use up to a 64GB SD memory card. Finally, with a 16X digital zoom; you are ready to get the far away shots. You can even take 16MP photos with the camera feature!

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