Paranormal Occurrences: Spirits In Our House

paranormal house

The weird paranormal occurrences started long before I was born.

My mother would often tell me stories about the ‘strange paranormal behaviour’ that surrounded my older brother. He was around 3 years old when it first started and told her he had an “imaginary friend.” Like most mum’s, she thought it was adorable. At least that was until his friend started seeming not so imaginary. She would hear my brother having in-depth conversations, as though he was answering someone, and sometimes she swore she saw a shadow follow him as he walked around the house. - READ MORE

The Brown’s Farm House

haunted farn

Let the Paranormal Activity Begin:

I was 14 years old and my best friend, Hannah was just about to move to a different house. They were moving out to the country so that they could have more space, and both I and my friend were sad at the thought of no longer living close to one another, but we promised we would visit each other and keep in touch.

On the day of the move I helped them pack stuff up into the removal van, it was very usual for me to be around as at this point myself and Hannah were inseparable and she was excited to show me her new house. It was this day that the strange paranormal things I am going to tell you about started to happen. - READ MORE

Grandma’s Teapots: A True Haunted House Story

haunted house

A True Haunted House Story

Grandma’s Teapots
C.J. Colello

As a child, I always dreaded going to visit my maternal grandmother. She was a foul woman, a stale cigarette always hanging from her frowning lips and the scent of mothballs heavy around her. I am not sure that she ever spared a kind word for me. I firmly disliked her, with all of the fervor that a child could muster. Perhaps I would have tolerated her presence more, had her home not been so severely haunted. She lived in a real life haunted house!

I do not say “haunted” lightly. Rather, that title seems like an understatement. “Evil” fits it much better. It was unassuming enough in appearance, a small, two-story townhouse nestled into the corner of a quaint suburban street. Beside it was a small yard, framed with a chain-link fence and dotted with overgrown plants and mismatched lawn ornaments. It was here that I found sanctuary on our bi-monthly visits to my grandmother’s house. Inside, the atmosphere was much different. - READ MORE

Kuldhara Village Road Paranormal Experience

paranormal experience in village


by: Jabobi L., Kuldhara Village Road

One midnight, I was on my way back home situated in a less dense village, walking slowly and enjoying the calm weather. I didn’t expect any paranormal experience since it was normal for me to walk around at that time and my routine often demanded me to move back and forth to my house at or around midnight.

As I was walking alone, I saw a girl of about 8 years coming towards me. She seemed like a normal girl at first and asked me, “What are you doing here at this time?”. It felt odd for a kid her age to ask a question like this but I acted normally and responded that I am going back to home.  I asked the same question from her, but she retorted in an odd behavior, not giving the particular answer of my question. - READ MORE

Inhuman Voices: Our Experience in a Haunted House

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I Heard Inhuman Voices

I remember very vividly the first time I heard inhuman voices. Money is always tight in my household. So, when my fiancée and I were offered a free place for a couple of weeks in the city to stay we, we did not think  twice. The house we were offered was big and oddly shaped. For starters, it had three floors and a lot more rooms than we would ever need. Other than a couple of closets, a fully functional kitchen, three equipped bathrooms and a bed, the house was empty.

It took us a few hours to get settled and I suggested to Danielle, my friend, we go downstairs for a pack of smokes and a few beers and listened to a couple of Black Sabbath albums to relax; she agreed and we had a great time at first. When we were done, it was time to go to sleep, so we took our tired bodies to the third floor. It wasn’t long until I started hearing the door banging. I was not scared, but I did not feel like walking down three floors just to see who was at the door. The noise intensified and what seemed to be a fight broke out in front of our main door, at least that is what it sounded like. I figured it could only get worst and went down to check if the door was closed. - READ MORE

The Creature With No Name

Nameless Creature

The story I am about to tell you is a true story. I saw a creature that I cannot give a name to.  I have no explanation for what I saw or what I am going to describe.  English is not my first language; so please bare with me. This story happened in a remote village in northeast India- Manipur. The village’s name is Lhungtin.

It was during that time of the year in 1997 when the maize is prone to attacks by birds, especially parrots. I went to stay at my grandparents’ in the countryside for a summer vacation. Every morning I would go to the maize farm which was about half a mile from the houses, to shoo away the birds. I was just a young boy of about ten, but at the countryside, I was big enough to take that job. - READ MORE

Imaginary Friend


Ghost Story:

by: André Martins

                                                             Portugal, Lisbon, 2002

Some people are born with a very fertile imagination. In my case, I was always a kid on the creative side. I enjoyed writing, drawing, making up stories. I also had a pretty lonesome childhood, thus, I made my own imaginary friends. Most of which were based on cartoons or silly commercials. I talked to them and in my head, they replied to me.

   However, there was always one imaginary friend that was special. His name was Angel. Angel was a tall figure, and I must have been around 8 years old when I first saw him. He had messy black hair an apathetic smile that stayed static most of the time. What I find weird now, looking back, is that I did not know how to speak English at the time. Even though some of the TV programs I watched were American or British, I had no Idea whatsoever what ‘Angel’ meant. - READ MORE