Mel Meter Review

Mel Meter

Use a Mel Meter:

Want to ghost hunt like a pro?

The Mel Meter is one of the most important modern tools any ghost hunter can carry.  There are many different models of Mel Meters with varying features.  This Mel Meter allows the user to measure both EMF and temperatures.

The Mel Meter is one of my favorite devices to ghost hunt with.  It is easy to use, has a nice digital readout, and the back light really comes in handy out in the field during late night hours. The Mel Meter comes with a DC input or can also take a 9 volt battery. - READ MORE

K2 Deluxe EMF Meter Review

EMF Meter

The K2 Deluxe Multimeter will help you determine if you possibly have paranormal activities taking place. For best results, use this device away from electronics and or anything electronic that gives off electro magnetic fields.