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Welcome to! We are a family (father and sons) paranormal investigating and research group. We have experience investigating paranormal activity or occurrences across the United States. Our mission is to record, document, and explain through scientific principles that ghosts and or spirits may or may not exist in an afterlife or alternate parallel realm.

The purpose of this site is to review ghost hunting equipment and share paranormal activity or evidence with our followers. We are a father and son’s paranormal research group.  We have investigated haunted locations all over the United States. We believe, without a doubt; spirits are all around us at all times. Much of our evidence comes from the use of electronic equipment that allows us to hear and see things we would not normally see.


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Las Vegas Valley Haunting

Haunted Las Vegas

This post is specifically for the Paranormal Community.  Enclosed is a typical email we receive several times a week from concerned residents in their homes.  With permission of the home-owner, we are posting this communications to inspire ideas on how to best handle this situation.  In essence, we are asking YOU to offer solutions to this delicate situation.  In other words, if you were the Paranormal Investigator, how would YOU handle this situation? Please leave your response below in the comments section.


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Real Haunted Houses in America

Top Real Haunted Houses Across America

This post is about haunted houses, specifically, real haunted houses across America. But, what are haunted houses you may ask?  “I thought haunted houses were amusement parks trying to scare me for a fee, or, the local neighbor who spent weeks transforming his/her home into a place to make kids scream one night of the year.”  Those scary places certainly do exist, however, they are make-believe. They are made to scare you.  The real haunted locations that this post will suggest are places that have a distinct history of hauntings by spirits or ghosts or even evil entities. In addition, these real haunted houses have had tremendous documentation over the years from previous owners, police officers, priests, and other credible sources.


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Scary Ghost Videos

The following video shows the Top Scary Ghost Videos. Grab a sheet and get ready go cover your head. Many of these paranormal videos appear to be the real deal. However, with technology, it can be difficult to distinguish between what is real and what is not. We will try to help you make sense of what you are about to see.
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Paranormal Occurrences: Spirits In Our House

paranormal house

The weird paranormal occurrences started long before I was born.

My mother would often tell me stories about the ‘strange paranormal behaviour’ that surrounded my older brother. He was around 3 years old when it first started and told her he had an “imaginary friend.” Like most mum’s, she thought it was adorable. At least that was until his friend started seeming not so imaginary. She would hear my brother having in-depth conversations, as though he was answering someone, and sometimes she swore she saw a shadow follow him as he walked around the house.


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The Brown’s Farm House

Let the Paranormal Activity Begin:

I was 14 years old and my best friend, Hannah was just about to move to a different house. They were moving out to the country so that they could have more space, and both I and my friend were sad at the thought of no longer living close to one another, but we promised we would visit each other and keep in touch.

On the day of the move I helped them pack stuff up into the removal van, it was very usual for me to be around as at this point myself and Hannah were inseparable and she was excited to show me her new house. It was this day that the strange paranormal things I am going to tell you about started to happen.


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Grandma’s Teapots: A True Haunted House Story


A True Haunted House Story

Grandma’s Teapots
C.J. Colello

As a child, I always dreaded going to visit my maternal grandmother. She was a foul woman, a stale cigarette always hanging from her frowning lips and the scent of mothballs heavy around her. I am not sure that she ever spared a kind word for me. I firmly disliked her, with all of the fervor that a child could muster. Perhaps I would have tolerated her presence more, had her home not been so severely haunted. She lived in a real life haunted house!

I do not say “haunted” lightly. Rather, that title seems like an understatement. “Evil” fits it much better. It was unassuming enough in appearance, a small, two-story townhouse nestled into the corner of a quaint suburban street. Beside it was a small yard, framed with a chain-link fence and dotted with overgrown plants and mismatched lawn ornaments. It was here that I found sanctuary on our bi-monthly visits to my grandmother’s house. Inside, the atmosphere was much different.


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