Las Vegas Ghost Hunters

Las Vegas Paranormal Investigators:

Welcome to! We are a family (father and sons) paranormal investigating and research group based here in Las Vegas, NV whose mission is to record, document, and explain through scientific principles that ghosts and or spirits exist in an afterlife or alternate parallel realm.

We are serious and professional-oriented adults. “Skepticism” is our approach to any paranormal investigation and try to rule out any and all possibilities before stating whether we believe a specific location to be paranormal.

In addition, we love to share and educate the public and help and counsel those living in unexplained paranormal situations.  We do not ask for any fees for our services.  Also, we take privacy seriously and do not disclose information such as evidence gathered from private residences without permission.

We do not utilize or practice Ouija boards, seances, or diving rods to try to manifest or find spirits.

We have experience investigating public and private locations. Although we are based in Las Vegas, Nevada, we are open to investigations throughout the United States.

Please feel free to contact us if you are experiencing paranormal events and would like an honest subjective opinion.

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Mel Meter Review


Want to ghost hunt like a pro?

The Mel Meter is one of the most important modern tools any ghost hunter can carry.  There are many different models of Mel Meters with varying features.  This Mel Meter allows the user to measure both EMF and temperatures.

What I like about this Mel Meter is that it allows for single axis AC Magnetic field measurement with live air temperature monitoring.  Also, the display is a reddish tint; this allows your eyes comfort in dark environments.  The typical readout is in uT or mG and or Fahrenheit or Celsius in solid resolution and quick response.

  • EMF and Temp all in one!
  • Digital EMF Readout
  • Digital Ambient Temperature Readout
  • Red backlight easy on the eyes for dark environments
  • Red LED flashlight can be toggled on or off
  • Max/Min/Hold Settings

- Both Temperature and EMF in one
– Digital Readout that is easy on the eyes
– Great for dark environments
– Built in flashlight that is LED
– Maximum/Minimum/Hold Settings

Mel Meter


This video will demonstrate what you should expect with this camera.

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