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Welcome Ghost Hunters!

Welcome to GotSpirits.com! We are a family (father and sons) paranormal investigating and research group. We have experience investigating paranormal occurrences across the United States. Our mission is to record, document, and explain through scientific principles that ghosts and or spirits may or may not exist in an afterlife or alternate parallel realm.

The purpose of this site is to review ghost hunting equipment and share paranormal evidence with our followers. We are a father and son’s paranormal research group.  We have investigated haunted locations all over the United States. We believe, without a doubt; spirits are all around us at all times. Much of our evidence comes from the use of electronic equipment that allows us to hear and see things we would not normally see.

We are serious and professional-oriented adults. “Skepticism” is our approach to any paranormal investigation and try to rule out any and all possibilities before stating whether we believe a specific location to be paranormal.

In addition, we love to share and educate the public and help and counsel those living in unexplained paranormal situations.  We do not ask for any fees for our services.  Also, we take privacy seriously and do not disclose information such as evidence gathered from private residences without permission.

We do not utilize or practice Ouija boards, seances, or diving rods to try to manifest or find spirits.

We respect all thoughts and feelings regarding the paranormal.  You are free to believe; whatever it is that you believe.  We are not here to change your belief or thinking process. Rather, we only want to share our paranormal findings. This site showcases our findings.


Shaun– One of the World’s most diverse Paranormal Investigators earned a Bachelor’s of Arts (B.A.), a Master’s of Arts (M.A.), and a Master’s of Science (M.S.)/(Ed.S) Degrees.  Shaun has had numerous first-hand-experiences with paranormal activities while growing up across the United States as his father served in the U.S. Army.  Shaun works a full-time and researches paranormal activities as time permits.  Shaun is also an accomplished classical musician and composer. Shaun  is co-founder of GotSpirits.com

Allen– Retired Army with distinguished service record,  Allen is co-founder of GotSpirits.com and works with his sons to capture Paranormal Evidence. Allen enjoys working with new paranormal technology. While investigating, Allen usually gets the best EVP’s.  For some reason, Allen is like a magnet to the spirit world.

Our Mission:

GotSpirits.com serves as a paranormal research organization, researching the paranormal around the USA. We will provide professionalism, trust and confidentiality to each investigation. We understand that calling a group to examine your exclusive personal house nor property is not an easy decision. Most of all, we value your personal right to privacy.

We will be utilizing very hypersensitive documenting equipment in an attempt to record proof ofparanormal activity. The pictures as well as audio that we capture will only be published with theproperty owner or property owner’s authorization. We won’t talk about or even submit any of theevidence captured outside our group if this sounds like the desire of the property owner. Before we begin a case, all of us discuss a comfortable degree of disclosure. Once we agree with theconditions, we will begin with the paranormal investigation. Following the investigation evidencecollected is actually shown to the home owner. Afterwards, we make sure that the property owner is comfortable with the information or data collected and is ok with a disclosure of the evidence.

We are not amateurs, or newbies. We take our investigations very seriously. We don’t permit inexperienced personnel on investigations. Once again our primary goals are to comfort  the property owner(s) as well as other individuals involvedWe will bring a level headed and comfortable demeanor into your property During this process we’ll attempt to assist you to understand the nature of the issues being experienced and observed. We will attempt to supply you with theinformation you need to understand the reason why this is occurring and how little threat is reallyinvolved.

We will begin by hearing your experiences as well as concerns. We will then execute a walk-through along with you, providing a chance to learn about each space and the experiences witnessed presently there. Then we will set upward a wide range of gear, including video clip, audio, as well asmotion realizing units. Afterwards, we use a group of 2 or 3 paranormal investigators to try andreplicate as well as debunk personal encounters in an attempt to find great proof either for ortowards paranormal activities. We’ll then share our findings with the property owner.

Following a completed investigation we’ll gladly supply you with duplicate data with our official results and conclusions as well as any kind of recorded evidence. The conclusion of the investigation isn’t the end in our relationship with the property owners. We’ll always be there to reply to any additional questions in order to reinvestigate the location at a future period. We are just a phone call away.

We Do All Of This Free Of Charge.

We understand the fear and the seriousness of each scenario. We are after all, regular individuals,investigating the paranormal. Our researchers all have regular work; we carry out conferences,training, and investigations on our time off work.

If you want solutions to your own ghostly issues, give us a call, we can help!

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