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Welcome to GotSpirits.com! We are a family (father and sons) paranormal investigating and research group. We have experience investigating paranormal activity or occurrences across the United States. Our mission is to record, document, and explain through scientific principles that ghosts and or spirits may or may not exist in an afterlife or alternate parallel realm.

The purpose of this site is to review ghost hunting equipment and share paranormal activity or evidence with our followers. We are a father and son’s paranormal research group.  We have investigated haunted locations all over the United States. We believe, without a doubt; spirits are all around us at all times. Much of our evidence comes from the use of electronic equipment that allows us to hear and see things we would not normally see. - READ MORE

Most Haunted Locations in Alaska

The Frozen North, known as the Last Frontier, is the most meagerly populated State in the U.S however there is significantly more to it that you may think, in the middle of the frigid devastate badlands lies a lot of paranormal and spooky movement. Truly, Alaska is chilling in more path than one. Go along with us as we check down the best 10 frequented areas in Alaska.

10 – Birch Hill Cemetery

Albeit almost all graveyards feel frightening at any rate, Birch Hill burial ground, sitting above the city Fairbanks goes the additional mile. It is said to be spooky by a young lady and a young man who both dress in nineteen hundreds apparel. They are regularly observed strolling around the burial ground, in a design as though they are searching for somebody. - READ MORE

Top 15 Most Haunted Homes in the World

real haunted house alaska

15. Myrtles Plantation

Worked in 1796 more than 600 sections of land of land, the Myrtles Plantation – otherwise known as “Tree Grove” – was possessed and worked by General David Bradford. Named after the crepe myrtles that became adjacent, the ranch was gone down through ages and sold to the Stirling family, who additionally went it down through ages. At a certain point, William Winter, one of the Stirling’s in-laws, was shot on the patio. William is said to have tottered inside the house and endeavored to climb the stairs. He made it a decent far up, passing ceaselessly on the seventeenth step. Guests and lodging workers guarantee regardless they hear his strides bumbling up the stairs. - READ MORE

US White House Most Haunted Areas

From the storage room to the garden, we have top 10 most spooky zones of the White House.

Number 10

The Attic. William Henry Harrison holds the questionable qualification of being the most brief serving president and the first beyond words office, capitulating to pneumonia a minor month after his initiation. In any case, consequent inhabitants have trusted that Harrison’s apparition still frequents the White House upper room, scavenging around for something obscure. Truth be told, a few presidents have supposedly heard the unexplained commotions originating from the upper room over the Oval Office. Others report that Harrison isn’t the only one. A Truman-period security protect once announced hearing “I am David Burns” originating from the loft over the Oval Office. As indicated by the history, in 1790, David Burns was the man compelled to surrender his property with the goal that the White House could be assembled. - READ MORE


The new Ovilus five has arrived today and this is my unboxing video that’s nice I like the way plenty of nice foam we’ve packed in so beside being in this big heavy Pelican case. The others five okay so this thing comes in this big massive Pelican case.

These things are built like tanks. These cases so what we have inside is we have a warranty card registration we have a instruction manual Quick Start Guide to explain what everything is. This is just packing slip yeah I want to see what’s inside first see it I see it real well but grab a flashlight real quick destroyed on that you’ve got the Ovilus 5 logo engraved in there there is a charger charging cable USB cable and the unit itself so let’s take those out take a good look at what they look like. - READ MORE

Paranormal Events Police Officers Witnessed

#15 The Twin Tower Soul Collector

2,996 souls were lost the day the Twin Towers fell. Also, one soul came back to help light the way. As he dug into the World Trade Center rubble on that critical day of September eleventh, 2001, now-resigned Lt. Straight to the point Marra was met with a paranormal element. This substance was a dark lady in a Red Cross uniform, holding a sandwich plate. Amid his long moves at ground zero, the veteran cop of 17 years reviews that each time he squinted to get a decent take a gander at the vivacious assistant, she would vanish. - READ MORE

Terrifying Cases Of Ghosts And Demons

What is the contrast between a phantom and an evil spirit? – A phantom would allude to a bodiless human soul. An evil spirit is a mysterious celestial animal that opposed God.

– It’s not human. – No it’s not, their living thing is kicking the bucket. They have been kicking the bucket since the minute they revolted. Thus they are pulled in to individuals for two reasons. One, since they are a parasitic and they bolster off our living thing, yet also, they will probably take whatever number of us to damnation with them as could reasonably be expected, on the grounds that they definitely know they’ve lost. I’m not attempting to – Oh, no, I just got a shudder down my spine. - READ MORE

Haunted Devil’s Tree- Port St Lucie, Florida

Here is a standout amongst the most acclaimed frequented areas in Florida, called the Devil’s Tree.  This is situated in Oak Hammock Park in Port St Lucie. This oak tree is said to be claimed by Devil himself, and is difficult to chop it down. Not at all like most urban legends, this tree has an undeniable story behind it. On January 8, 1971 a cop by the name of Gerard John Schaefer discovers two young people bumming a ride the town. He demonstrates his identification and places them in the back of his auto. Presently, this person conveys them to this very spot, ties them, torments them and hangs them both on one of the branches and murders them. - READ MORE