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Las Vegas Paranormal Investigators:

           Welcome to! We are a family (father and sons) paranormal investigating and research group based here in Las Vegas, NV whose mission is to record, document, and explain through scientific principles that ghosts and or spirits exist in an afterlife or alternate parallel realm. 

           We are serious and professional-oriented adults. "Skepticism" is our approach to any paranormal investigation and try to rule out any and all possibilities before stating whether we believe a specific location to be paranormal.

           In addition, we love to share and educate the public and help and counsel those living in unexplained paranormal situations.  We do not ask for any fees for our services.  Also, we take privacy seriously and do not disclose information such as evidence gathered from private residences without permission.

          We do not utilize or practice Ouiga boards, siances, or diving rods to try to manifest or find spirits.

          We have experience investigating public and private locations. Although we are based in Las Vegas, Nevada, we are open to investigations throughout the United States.

          Please feel free to contact us if you are experiencing paranormal events and would like an honest subjective opinion.

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Haunted Hawaii-Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort & Spa

In August, 2014, my family and I decided to take a well-needed vacation to Kona, Hawaii.  As usual, we brought our ghost hunting equipment with us.  Once we arrived in Hawaii, we could instantly sense the energy of the spirit realm. Perhaps this was attributed to the two hurricanes that were enroute to the main island? Nevertheless, Hawaii is full of spirit energy and traditions of the Native Hawaiians going back hundreds of years.  Our vacation brought us to the wonderful Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort & Spa.  We have been to this resort about six times over the years and highly recommend the resort to any one in need of a vacation!


Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort & Spa

Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort & Spa. Hunting for spirits on the grounds of our Hotel August, 2014

The Waikoloa Beach Marriott is built on Native Hawaiian Burial Grounds according to one of the employees of the resort.  The resort even has ruins of the ancient Native Hawaiians 30 seconds walking speed from your hotel room.  In fact, the King of Hawaii had an elaborate fishing pond built right on the ocean front property of the Waikoloa Beach and Marriott Resort.

Our investigations took place on several locations on the resort grounds.  We spent much time sitting at the old ruins asking questions to the very talkative spirits on site using our various high-tech ghost hunting equipment. One of our favorites is the RT-EVP 2.  This device without fail delivers quality EVP’s if you are open to paranormal research.

We actually obtained dozens and dozens of Class A EVP’s at this resort.  Some of the EVP’s were in other languages.  Please listen to the EVP’s and help us translate what the spirits are telling us.  Most of the EVP’s however, are in English and a few in what I believe is Japanese.


EVP #1

This EVP was recorded at the Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort & Spa at the Ancient House Platform (which is now just walls of piled lava rocks).  You will hear my father say,”Mahalo.” The spirit replies with a ancient Hawaiian or Polynesian language.  Can you help us translate the EVP response?

Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort & Spa

Picture of the ancient house platform located at the Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort & Spa

Mahalo EVP


EVP #2

This is a EVP captured on August, 2014 at Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort & Spa What is very interesting about this EVP is that I purchased a necklace at the Kings Shops across the street at the Nahoku and was wearing the new necklace while this EVP was captured!

A Necklace EVP



EVP #3

This is an EVP captured on August, 2014 at Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort & Spa.  I was outside on the beach late at night using my ghost hunting equipment.  For about 10 minutes, I did not get any EVP’s.  I decided to curse at the spirits to “provoke” them into communicating.  This is the response I received.


Cursing EVP


EVP #4

This is an incredible EVP.  My father was standing at the fish pond at the Waikoloa Beach and Marriott Resort.  The fish pond was actually created hundreds of years or more ago for the Hawaiian King.  The pond is quite a marvelous creation of Hawaiian ingenuity. The ocean flows through a channel starting at the beach and runs into a salt pond.  The fish come into the channel chasing other fish and this allows the ancient Hawaiians to easily capture fresh dinner.

My father asked a question “Did you fish in the pond here?”  The spirit thought he asked the question”Is there fish in the pond here?”  The spirit answered the question that he “thought” was asked; not the question that “was” asked. The spirit answered,” Fish, Yes There Is.” I find this EVP very fascinating!

Intelligent EVP – Fish, Yes There IS


EVP #5

This EVP was captured in room 1102 at the Waikoloa Beach and Marriott Resort. I simply asked “How Many Spirits are Here With Us?” You can clearly hear a response “Crazy People.”

Crazy People EVP


EVP #6

While working with the REM Pod, a electronic device that detects electromagnetic energy, I asked the Spirit if they could touch the REM Pod.  This will cause the device to light up. I captured an intelligent response that says, ” What for?” This response demonstrates the intelligence that spirits have after they pass and how they can hear and answer direct questions. When I first heard this response; I was blown away!

EVP: What For?


EVP #7

This EVP is different from other EVP’s I have captured in the past.  Specifically, I asked the question “How Old Are You?”  Much time passed with no response; I went to my next question.  The response was to my first original question.  The spirit responds with the number 30. I have no idea if that is the age of the spirit when they died or if that is how long it has been since they died.  The voice appears to be a female.

EVP: How Old Are You?


EVP #8

Outside near the King’s Pond at the Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort & Spa; my father was thanking a spirit prior for communicating and asked a new question.  The EVP demonstrates what appears to be an older female that states “Come for me” after being asked the question “What Can I do for You?”


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Haunted Embassy Suites Anaheim North

Have you ever wondered if the hotel you are staying at contains spirits? The purpose of this post is to share with you E.V.P.’s known as electronic voice phenomenon captured at Embassy Suites Anaheim North. Well, while vacationing in Southern, California, we brought with us a variety of electronic devices to dive deeper into this question.  Did we capture evidence of the paranormal at a newer style hotel chain?  You bet we did!  After years of paranormal research; it is our belief that spirits are all around us. We are constantly finding evidence of intelligent responses received through audio recorders known as E.V.P’s or electronic voice phenomenon.

Our latest ghost hunt took place in a random room at Embassy Suites Anaheim North. The room we stayed in was room #406 on October 24-27, 2013. This room was not requested and simply a random room supplied to us by the hotel. We had no idea what to expect. We decided to sit at the small table provided by the hotel in room #406 and see if we could gather any responses using our RT-EVP2 spirit box.  For those of you that do not know what this device does; it scans through FM stereo stations and provides an avenue for users to communicate with spirits.  EVERY time we use the RT-EVP2, we gather dozens and dozens of intelligent responses in regards to a plethora of questions we ask.

This particular EVP was taken at Embassy Suites Anaheim North on October 25, 2013. The very first question during the EVP session was asked, “Is there anyone here that wants to speak to us?”  Listen to the variety of responses obtained from this first question. Right off the bat, the VERY FIRST answer was “Demon” followed by a woman’s voice with unknown words (can you make them out?) Next, a few second later, you hear a male’s voice say,“I’m dead.” The last voice we received from this response again states,“Demon.”  This EVP sound clip is unedited.

EVP Sound Clip “Is There Anyone Here That Wants to Speak to Us?”



The second question asked during this EVP session was,“What is your name.” After over 10 seconds passed, we hear the response,“Steven.”


EVP Sound Clip “What is Your Name?”


The third question asked during this EVP session was,“How Many Spirits Are Here in This Room?.” One of the responses clearly states, “20.”  Can you make out the other responses? We believe the last voice at the end of the EVP states,”Present.”

EVP Sound Clip “How Many Spirits Are Here in This Room?”


Another question posed during this EVP session was,“There’s a green meter on the desk over there; can you make it turn red?.” We hear a voice say, “Help” and another one at the end of the EVP say, “Maybe.” 

EVP Sound Clip:

“There’s a Green Meter on the Desk Over There; Can You Make it Turn Red?”


This next EVP really got our attention.  At this time during the EVP session, two boys belonging to one of our investigators came to our room looking for us.  I knew who was at the door because the parent called them up to the room on a cell phone.  The Q&A was under way when I asked the question, “What is the two boys names that just walked through the Door.”  The response returned was the correct name of one of the boys.  You can hear the reply, “Alec” TWICE! One of the voices was a “creepy voice” and the other was a very high pitched response (also creepy). You can hear my response to the voice I heard through the RT-EVP2.  I heard the response loud and clear through the ghost box.


EVP Sound Clip:

“What is the Two Boys Names That Just Walked Through the Door?”


This is the very next question asked during our EVP session.  We had a guy named Austin present during the EVP session.  The question was asked, “How old is he?”  You can hear two responses.  The first response says, “Help Me” immediately following the question.  Then, another very low pitched voice responds “Pretty Old.”  Then, a weird, almost yelling voice responds, “What’s Up?” Finally, another voice says, “Hey.”


EVP Sound Clip:

“How Old is Austin?”


The next question in our sequence was, “Is someone holding you here against your will?”  The response says, “He’s Coming.”


EVP Sound Clip:

“Is Someone Holding You Here Against Your Will?”


One of the most common responses we receive on EVP’s are the two words, “Help Me.”  We here these words over and over.  Some EVP clips can have over a dozen or more phrases of help me by over a dozen or more voices.  The question was referring to the K2 meter we had placed.  You can clearly hear an unknown response from what sounds like a kid followed by another voice saying, “Help Me.”


EVP Sound Clip:

“Nobodys Going to Hurt Ya, Can You Make That Green Light Move?”


This was one of the more bizarre EVP responses we received.  Once again, you can hear a voice say, “Help.” Then, a female voice clearly says, “Be Quiet.”  Was she talking to me or the spirit asking for help?


EVP Sound Clip:

“Come Take Energy From The Batteries”

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Spirit Box SB7 Review


Want to hear spirits speaking?

The B-PSB7 Spirit Box is a fantastic spirit box for communicating with paranormal spirits.  This device sweeps radio frequencies to create white noise.  We have obtained a plethora of spirit voices using this technique.  No matter where we use this device; we always obtain intelligent responses.  I honestly cannot think of a time that we did not receive voices.  However, we suggest that you use this device in conjunction with a digital recorder (separate).  The white noise allows you to hear voices or sounds coming through static in an attempt to communicate.

This device contains both FM and AM sweep modes!  Please note, the power has been specifically focused on the FM side for greater FM amplification. This provides more white noise energy through FM. Nonetheless, we have captured spirit voices on both AM and FM frequencies. By focusing this power in that direction, the AM side is now clear from white noise providing greater clarity while sweeping.

This unit features a milli-second adjustable Forward or Reverse frequency "sweep" technique integrated with a proprietary high frequency synthetic noise or "white noise" distributed between frequency steps. There are two discreet audio outputs; (1) Earphone, and (2) A Internal Speaker. It also features a bright LED back light display with manual ON/OFF select ideal for viewing in the dark.

Spirit Box SB7



We have used the B-PSB7 Spirit Box on numerous investigations. This device has allowed us to actually communicate with the dead.  In fact, we have carried on intelligent conversations with the dead using this device.  This device delivers fantastic evidence for paranormal researchers. Typically, we use an external speaker that inputs into device for applified sound.  In particular, the "white noise" that is generated is actually in tune with the spirit realm and or allows for spirits to easily be heard. This device is a must for any paranormal researcher.  We rate this device 5/5 stars.

This video will demonstrate what you should expect from this device


  • Compact Spirit Box for Communication
  • Listen to LIVE responses with the internal speaker or headphones
  • Scans 320 FM frequencies from 76MHz to 108MHz
  • Compact size like a typical MP3 player


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Canon Full Spectrum DSLR Camera Review


Want to capture spirits on film?

The Canon Rebel EOS T3i is the best Full Spectrum DSLR camera we have ever used. This digital camera has been professionally altered to accept deeper Ultravoilet (UV) and Infrared (IR) light.  The UV light allows for deeper photographs into the normally unseen spectrum of light. The camera contains many wonderful functions allowing for high quality pictures. One our favorite features about this camera is the swivel screen.  You can pull the screen out to review pictures and or configure the camera easily for optimal performance.  If you are serious about ghost hunting; this camera is a must have for the paranormal researcher. The Canon Rebel EOS T3i features an easy to use interface with plenty of features to make your job easier and capturing evidence more effective.

- Professionally modified to allow full spectrum pictures
– Contains full featured Canon T3i Camera
– Allows for still photos and video
– Wonderful flexibility to change lenses, filter and accessories Canon is known for
– Complete package comes with lens, padded case, tripod, SD card and more
– Ability to shoot in normal lights with added filter (not included)
– Much more features and control than ANY full spectrum camera… ever!

Canon Rebel Full Spectrum DSLR Camera


We have used the Canon Rebel EOS T3i  for thousands of pictures in the field. This Canon has always performed. We recommend the extended battery pack to have handy as spirits find a way to drain batteries!  Once in Goldfield, NV, we entered the cemetary with full batteries on all our equipment.  As soon as we were ready to start our investigation, EVERY single device including our Full Spectrum camera was drained!  The extra battery pack (not included) includes for many more hours of use and comes in handy when a spirit uses the main battery to draw energy from. 

This Canon is easy to use and adjust settings on the spot; you will love the feel and weight of this camera!  This camera allows the user to obtain a variety of accessories such as a battery pack, numerous flashes, a wide-variety of lenses, and much more. The full spectrum camera allows for amazing pictures in the realm of light that is not normally seen.  We have caught much evidence of spirits on film and video in the full spectrum Ultravoilet and Infrared light  realms. Having the ability to see into the unseen light spectrum allows you to capture entities that you did not even know where present.

This video will demonstrate what you should expect with this camera.


  • Full Spectrum modified for awesome low light photos
  • Ability to shoot normal light photos with an added filter
  • 18MP photos
  • Full HD 1080p Video With Manual Exposure
  • 3.0" Clear View Vari-Angle LCD
  • Compatible with Canon EF and EF-S Lenses
  • Uses SD Cards
  • Comes with one 18-55mm lens and package with lots of accessories
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Beyond Life After Death

A Few Thoughts about Life and Beyond


    The famous poet and author Walt Whitman stated, “To die is different from what anyone supposed, and luckier.” Many people go through life waiting until the end to ask the question, “What happens when we die?”

    For me, the thought of death has encompassed my daily thoughts since I was 12. You see, it was at this time that I began thinking about death when I obtained meningitis through a tick bite during a soccer game.  For the first time, at a young age, I came close to the final moments of my Earthly existence. Meningitis almost took my life.  If it wasn’t for a fast acting father and a skilled doctor, I would be somewhere else with someone else.  Also, during this same year, I tragically lost my grandmother to a disease called Encephalitis ironically attributed to a mosquito bite. These experiences have shaped my fears and allowed me to conquer them through research into the paranormal and or spirit worlds.

    Although the experience was short-lived, the thought of death never left my mind.  In fact, the thoughts of death became a fear and an obsession to know what becomes of us after we die.  In fact, this fear of death became a daily struggle for me to tackle which lead me to have panic attacks and massive anxiety for decades. 

    I had a major decision to make.  Do I allow this ongoing fear to rule my life or do I stand-up against this psychological impairment/disability and fight it?  Anyone that has had a near-death experience or N.D.E. knows that you are forever changed. I chose to confront my fears head-on and research the topic: life after death.

    For the paranormal skeptics and or nonbelievers; I have no desire to change your mind in any manner. You are free to believe whatever it is you believe. I honestly don’t care if you believe in life after death or not.  For me, convincing you of an afterlife is not my objective.

    My objective is to and will always be to put my own mind at ease.  Through my research and evidence gathered, I can say with 100% confidence; the world we know is just a stepping stone into a world we will know. My fears have subsided and my curiosity into the spirit world has inspired me to create this website and share my evidence with the world. I have no doubts at all that something is definitely going on after we pass.  My goal is to gather enough evidence to find out what exactly is going on after we pass. 

    Sadly, the majority of the spirits I have communicated with though the various electronic devices are not happy spirits.  In fact, my last paranormal investigation that contained 28 minutes of one audio file using the EVP-RT2 contained 8 different voices asking for “Help” or “Help Me” responses.  In addition, these responses by spirits were “volunteered” and not specifically asked.  Through the 28 minutes of audio, the responses showed up randomly.  

    Are these voices of spirits who do not know how to make the transition?  Are these voices from spirits that are being held against their will?  I have asked these questions and have received several voices making mention of a demon.  I can surmise that perhaps these spirits are trapped from crossing over because of evil spirits. From a spiritual standpoint, I encourage everyone to reject the enemy. Whatever your spiritual beliefs are, through my EVP evidence, I am obtaining voices stating in English & Spanish that something evil or bad is holding them back. 

    The fact of the matter is that tens of thousands of people die each day and anyone reading this post will be dead in 80 years; give or take. (Sorry for the reality check…)  Therefore, don’t you want to know what awaits us after death?  Well, I do.  And, I have spent a lifetime investigating, reading, researching and combing through data I have collected to give some insight into our final moments.

    Humans have walked on the moon, created weapons that can destroy the Earth thousands of times over; but, have yet to learn who we are. In order to comprehend the existence of spirits or ghosts, we need to understand the nature of life and death. It is my belief, from extensive research into the spiritual realm that death leads us into another dimension; a gateway into another realm of existence which is not visible by many. (However, according to various religions, we have the ability to sense and or see this dimension through our own internal "third eye.")  A dimension, which ghosts, apparitions, and messages from the forgotten are somehow intertwined with the realm of the living; yet, invisible to the living.

    I am always asked by individuals the simple questions "What is a Ghost/Is there Life After Death/Where do we go when we die?" I wish there was a simple answer to this complex question.  However, the questions have been posed by countless generations for thousands of years without clear-cut answers. The questions are indeed quite complicated and subject to interpretations.  As a paranormal researcher, I try to be as objective as possible with my various cases. Unfortunately, because humans and spirits are involved in scientific objectivity, complete objectivity will never be reached as an absolute. Therefore, I utilize the scientific method for my various paranormal investigations.

    It is easy to allow personal bias to enter and spoil any paranormal investigation. My goal or objective is to not cite religious beliefs and or personal biases. Rather, I aim to gather as much evidence of a spirit world using various forms of technology and present this evidence for the world to review. This is all I have time for this evening.

    I encourage you to leave your experiences or thoughts about life after death at the bottom of this post. I would love to hear your experiences.  

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